A Day of Peace

Woke up at around 5am with a very bad tummy.

Visited the toilet again at around 7 something. I had diarrhoea and I decided not to go to work today. I felt bad for not being able to send my colleague to work this morning since I won’t be going to the office. I initially had the thought of sending her there and then I’ll drive back home to rest. But then I decided not to be an angel today.

So, I was home watching Winter Olympics. Ladies’ figure skating in which Shizuka Arakawa of Japan bagged the gold medal. She was simply stunning. All the contestants were good but when Shizuka completed her skating, I was clapping. It was perfect! Very graceful as what the commentator said.

Then, I had stomach cramp due to you know what that always comes to bug me every month. It was quite bad this time because I haven’t been exercising as much as I should, which explains the pain. I was lying on the sofa and I didn’t feel like moving.

I was very happy for the past 2-3 months ever since I started hitting the gym because it didn’t give me any pain. But since I was away for the CNY, I hadn’t been exercising enough and that’s why I’ve got to suffer today.

Cannot! I must exercise more. I don’t want anymore pain.

Even though it was painful, at least I had some peace. I was alone at home and yes, just peace.

It’s time for bed now.


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