My auntie called me up yesterday telling me whether I know someone who services computer because hers was infected with virus.

Upon probing further, it wasn’t any virus attack but a free trial antivirus software that has expired. So, she didn’t need any technician but me to help her solve her problem. So you see…On weekdays, I provide moral support to customers. On weekends, I provide technical support.

So, I woke up very early this morning and I made my way to USJ. Not that I know where her place is but I managed to locate where she’s staying.

Then, I had to go through a security check and he wanted to look at my IC. I showed it to him and he was taking longer than ever, staring at my IC.

“Kamu orang Sabah ke?”

“Ya. Dari Sandakan.”

He showed me this unbelievable kind of look.

“Sandakan mana?”

“Batu satu setengah.”

We go by miles. Batu satu setengah is the nearer to the town. Batu empat would be the most happening place in Sandakan. Batu Tujuh would be the airport. We only have one main road that brings us to everywhere we want to go.

“Kamu juga dari Sandakan?”

“Tak. Saya dari Tawau tapi bapa saya dari Sandakan. Sim Sim.”

The world is so small even though I don’t know him.

My uncle then asked about my work.

“Where are you working now?”

“Still the same place.”

“What do you do?”

“I work in a Call Centre.”

“What do you do there?”

“I answer phone calls.”

“You mean just answering the phone?”

“Yes, everyday. And it has been a year now. Me doing that.”

He just couldn’t believe what I was telling him.

“Well, isn’t that like a telephone operator? I thought you were doing some IT stuff for a call centre, like setting it up or something.”

“Nope, I only answer phone calls.”

“Did you know you are going to do this when they offered you the job?”

“Yes, I know and it was my first offer so I thought of trying it out.” I don’t like it when I say this.

“Then, why do they need someone with a background in IT to do it?”

I had to explain so that he doesn’t get anymore shock.

It was good to be there, helping him with his computer because he told me lots of stories.

“If I’m doing IT, I would try to do something creative and innovative.”

That is a hint to me. When I was listening to him, the idea of resigning kept popping up.

I might want to resign tomorrow if I have the courage to because what happened when I came back lying on the sofa alone was my job. My work. My job. And I don’t understand why I need to fill up my mind with it when I’m supposed to enjoy my Sunday, not even thinking about my work and just purely have a great time.

So what happened? I cry again.


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