Unfortunately, Sometimes People Don’t Hear you Until you Scream

I didn’t resign today nor am I resigning tomorrow. But it will come soon. It wouldn’t be a wise move to resign today. Not that I suddenly fell in love with my job again but the right time is not here yet, judging from what I observed today.

I’m used to the standard greeting line now when customers call in saying, “Why is it so hard to get you?” I’ll just let them express anything they want to.

One customer came and screamed at the office today. My poor colleague was attending to him and it was very unfortunate that she’s the one who got it even though it’s supposed to be someone else’s mistake. My first time seeing a customer screaming in the office. It was very loud and I can understand why he’s so upset. I thought to myself, what if I was the one who would be screamed at? Dealing screaming customers on the phone is one thing. Dealing them face to face is another thing.

Another customer came and he wanted to see me. I don’t care anymore whether he’s going to scream at me because he did put me in an unfavourable position when he came to see me last year. Some people just enjoy degrading and humiliating others to their hearts’ content. I was just like a cat, walking out as a lion. You might call me crazy but I do sometimes I do imagine customers coming to the office to pour acid at us. We are indeed driving them crazy.

One customer asked me what actually is the problem. I can’t possibly tell her the whole truth but I can’t just ignore her question. Mr.Boss was just next to me and he can listen to every word I say. I just had to carefully craft my answer so as not to make us sound so bad but at the same time making the customer understand the challenges that we are facing.

I’m saying sorry more often than I should.

My new team has started with their new job function but I’m still stuck here because I’m still needed to help them out. I know if I were to start with my new job function, I would certainly have a little bit more of peace. But for now, I just got to continue saying sorry and listen to all the agonies.

One thing is for sure. When you go through pain and hardship, you get closer with your team mates because it will get to a point where you just have to express it out to someone and that would be either someone sitting in front of you or just a few steps away.

I received a feedback about my appraisal today. In conclusion, this is what Mr.Boss wrote,

A hardworking and reliable employee who takes personal ownership of the customer issues which comes her way. Always willing to learn new things and undertake ad-hoc tasks when requested. Overall a fine year for Grace and I look forward to see her potential develop further in the company.

That cheered me up a little!


  • fishtail says:

    “… and I look forward to see her potential develop further in the company.” That’s their usual way of saying “I don’t expect you to leave.”

  • pelf says:

    But no point staying if you have already “kind of” made up your mind to leave, no?

  • passerby says:

    must be a challenge most days, having to deal with irate, confused, frustrated customers most times.
    don’t let it get you down. you’re really making a difference.

  • Grace says:

    fishtail: Am afraid that is only temporary, I will leave anyway soon.

    pelf: Yes, I have made up my mind but I need to get a new job before I could really leave.

    passerby: Indeed it is. I’m happy I’m still alive. Thanks for dropping by!

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