Bird Shit

What does it mean when you get bird shits all over your car windows? I discovered one bird shit on my left front car window yesterday. This morning, there were two. One on the driver’s window, one on the rear window. While I was driving out to have dinner just now, another came falling down and landed on my front window. Wonderful, ain’t it? Shit all over.

I was telling my colleague while I was driving her home today that the shit that we get in the office wasn’t enough that the bird decided to give me more of it.

She couldn’t stop laughing. It feels good to make someone else laugh.

When times are tough, do you quickly answer a call and get on to the next or spend a little bit more time, educating the customers, guiding them?

Calls today are problematic. First call I received wasn’t a pleasant one. I apologised to her many a times then allowed her to express her dissatisfaction. After that, I charged towards someone who might be able to help me. The customer called back several times again and I’m always very lucky to get her call. I could only tell her to be patient and wait a little longer. I gave her a last call at 5 as promised, whether or not she will get what she requested. I told her I was sorry but I could only get it for her tomorrow morning. To my surprise, she told me she’s got it already. I was shocked. I then refreshed the screen that I was looking and yes, it’s done! At least, that’s one case down.

Another customer faxed something over but there were things that wasn’t allowed to be done. I could choose not to even bother about it because it was a faxed copy lying on the fax machine, waiting for someone to pick it up. But I decided to give him a call instead because I figured he had to put up with some nonsense with us in the past so maybe it’s time I do something to make him feel better. I felt happy after I made that call. He was listening to what I was trying to tell him. He understood the whole thing. I even guided him to do everything online and he was patient enough to let me guide him and now he knows how to do it already and it’s simply amazing.

I received another call from East Malaysia. It’s like receiving a call from home. He was also desparate in getting help that he comes directly to us. It isn’t really correct way to do it that way because he should liase with his agent instead of coming to us but knowing that he called all the way just to get us, it would make me feel bad not to help him at all. He spoke in English at first but you could just sense that he wasn’t really very comfortable conversing that way. He asked whether I am able to speak Mandarin and he sounded so relieved and happy after that.

Really, I didn’t know where the energy I had came from today.

I’m having lunch alone again and again I’m the only person answering calls during lunch. After lunch, I had half an hour more to spare and I’ve been killing time at the bookstore. A time just to be quiet and not talk at all.

I think I want to buy Yvonne Lee’s “The Sky is Crazy“.

An ex-colleague called me up yesterday. He wanted to meet up to talk and have dinner. I agreed to it, without even thinking. This guy, he used to be in the same department as me. He wasn’t happy with his job, he left in style. He didn’t even resign. He just left. He just walked out all of the whole thing.

I didn’t see him after that until now. So, I don’t really know how to describe it but it was interesting to talk to him again.

It’s good to know that you are still remembered.


  • pelf says:

    When you get bird shit all over your car, it means you have parked in the WRONG place 🙂

  • tim says:

    Bird shit aside, its a very positive post compared to the past few. Keep going on like this and you’ll surely make a difference. 🙂

    Educating customers on things they can do on their own will eventually lead to a reduction of work. It helps both the support team and the customers.

  • Grace says:

    pelf: That’s the only right place I could park at. I’m staying in an apartment and I park my car under a sheltered parking lot but I still get bird shit.

    tim: I don’t mind getting more bird shits if it means more positive posts. 😉

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