A Poetic Complaint

I wore a black long sleeve shirt today. A shirt I’ve bought for a very long time but never really got to wear it. When you are stressed, you want to wear something new to create some kind of new energy. I like the way I look today.

Started the morning by helping a new colleague to set up her printer, installing systems for her, creating shortcuts for her.

Answered some calls before I read this email below:

First of all, I want to get a schedule
I send them an email but no one replied me
So I have no choice but to check it online
I sit in front of the computer from 1 o'clock to 5:30
Chatting with your live support team,
yes they have been very helpful
But I keep getting the message,
"Error on Page"
Eventually I can't get the information that i want
So I ask your live team to mail it to me
So i spend almost 5 hours
just to get 3 schedules from the system

After that I make the booking today
I sit in front of the monitor for one hour more
from 3 o'clock to 4'o clock
I can't even make one booking,
your live team keep asking me to do the steps like
internet tools, delete files,
refresh, setting,
every visit to the page, restart computer.
but I just don't get the information.
So your live team have to tell me the information that they get,
and i key in myself,
but still i cant make the booking
and have to do it over and over again

So I plan to call your company
but out of ten times
nine times i will get the message
"your call is in delay, your call is important to us, please stay on the line, thank you"
over and over again

Compare to other company,
i just need to mail them the info,
then they will fax me the booking confirmation
and if i have any problems
i can call them up and can always reach them

my closing date is getting closer, but i can't make the booking
hope that you can help me with it.

i want to place the bookings as below:

I’ve never seen a complaint as such. You can feel that she’s very frustrated but you can’t help to feel that her letter comes with a sense of humour too. She practically wrote down every step in detail that she had to go through, which was really good I would say. At least, it shows other people who are not aware of what’s really going on on what’s really happening.

The task was assigned to us to call this customer. No one did so I challenged myself to give her a call. You must do one thing that fears you everyday. I imagined to myself that it’s not going to be easy because after reading that email, you know how mad a customer can be.

She sounded okay. I asked her what problems she was facing but she told me she has managed to do it online. That was nice to hear from her and she didn’t speak much after that and so I didn’t want to remind her of her pain to ask her what actually happened.

I’m starting to believe that others think my stomach is made of steel. I was made to answer calls alone again during lunch while the others went to have a lunch meeting, except for me because I don’t belong to this team anymore soon. So, the manager offered to “ta pau” for me while they have their meeting.

The office was so quiet and at the corner of the office where I sit, I was alone. I felt like I’m in charge of the whole place. What being a 15 minutes meeting turned out to be slightly more than an hour. Mr.Boss must have felt bad to leave me alone, answering calls with a hungry tummy, he came out from the meeting room and pass me a box of pizza, with 3 slices of leftover pizza. It wasn’t really leftovers but I just felt so because it was cold and yeah, it looked like leftovers lor.

“Grace, don’t bother about the calls. Go eat first.”

I went to the pantry to eat alone. It was 2pm. Well, I wasn’t alone. The office cleaner was there with me. While I was eating, those who attended the lunch meeting came to the pantry to get some water and they sort of pitied me. So, they asked whether I’m very hungry. Some just said, I’m sure you are very hungry. And what do you expect me to say? Smile and say “Ya, I’m really hungry.”

When I finished the pizzas, the office cleaner asked whether I really finished all three slices. I said yes.

She was amazed. She came over to rub my tummy.

Funny lady.

Then, Mr.Boss broke the news to me that even though officially I should be in the new team but I can’t go yet but to stay in this current team to help them out since many of them are still new. That wasn’t good news to me. So much for the lunch meeting for the current team and yet I don’t get to join in and now I can’t go into the new team yet and would still be stuck in the current team. Entahlah apa nak cakap.

The only positive way I could look at it is “I’m important. They still need me here.”

Later in the afternoon, I had to train somebody new again. She’s an ex-secretary and she’s the very polite and graceful kind of lady. While I was teaching her half way, she said, “Grace, you are very good.”

I paused and gave her a smile.

“Grace, are you going to join the other team?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Oh!” She pouted her lips.

“Can I still ask you if I have questions when you have joined the new team?”

“Yes, you can.”

She smiled again.

My comfort drink today during dinner to make myself feel good again was Teh Ais.


  • Siah says:

    The new trainee must have brightened your day a little… 🙂

  • pelf says:

    It is good to feel appreciated. I understand exactly how it feels to be under-appreciated, overworked and underpaid. They all sound too oh-so-common to me. Anyway, glad the “nice lady” brightened up our day 🙂

  • Grace says:

    Siah, pelf: Yes, she did. She’s my new friend now.

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