I don’t know why but I think working has started to become fun. At least for the past few days. Yes, it is more stressful and tiring. Problems are getting more serious but it only means I’m thrown with more challenges. Each time I get to solve problems now, which happens to be problems I’ve never faced before, problems that seemed so impossible to solve at the first time hearing it has somehow bring me some contentment. Let’s see if this can continue or I’ll be back to the normal grind.

A new colleague asked me what to do with one problem she encountered so based on my past experiences, I told her what to do. However, after sending out that email, another colleague told us that someone else is rectifying it already. So, what I could do is to tell the new colleague to send another mail out to inform the relevant parties to ignore the previous message.

But then, the email was replied as well and we all knew clearer of what should be done. That happened in the morning.

In the afternoon, someone else came and replied to the same email as well but this time, he sounded so annoyed, like as though we are creating problems for him out of nowhere.

I decided to reply to that email. I told everyone that I’m going to reply that email so that there won’t be two people replying to the same email which was what is happening. I felt so good after hitting the send button. I replied very nicely but when you read it carefully, can mean something else lah. I can be mean if I want to, especially to people who don’t know how to behave when writing emails. I might not be able to do the same if I were to talk to him face to face but if I were to write, then I still can lah.

When it comes to the end of the week, people push you to the maximum. So what do you do? You also push your other colleagues to the maximum. That really is my job.

A customer asked, “Do you get screamed at?”

“Of course.”

“Then what do you do?”

“I listen.”

“After listening?”

“I explain to them. I try to help them.”

“If they don’t listen?”

“No choice. I can’t do anything.”

Okay, today I was able to leave the office earlier since it’s a Friday but some of them had to move places. Current team to move to new desk. New team to move to current desk. I am the exceptional one where I would still be sitting where I am sitting right now. I like where I’m sitting now actually. Behind me is a wall. I feel more secure that way.

Since one of my colleagues was on MC, I helped to move her things to her new desk. Carried her CPU, her phone, her tray. I like what I was doing just now. Unplugging and plugging in the cables.

After dinner, went to attend a gathering where I got to meet up some of my high school mates. As usual, I’m the quieter one. But that’s because I love listening to people. I’m not shy, I’m just conversationally selective.

So, the usual questions will pop up.

“So what are you working as?”

“I work in a call centre.”

“Hey, that suits you!”

I don’t know why she said that but it must have been something that made her say that.

I’m feeling very tired and I would like to continue but I can’t think of anymore to write. So pardon me that I’ve got to end it this way.


  • Siah says:

    Conversationally selective… Nice hor. Can I borrow this phrase sometimes? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • pelf says:

    Or maybe your friend thinks that it’s one of your hidden talents, to be able to talk to angry customers yet remain calm and patient ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Grace says:

    Siah: I borrowed that phrase too. I saw it printed on someoneโ€™s mug in the office.

    pelf: Maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

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