Strangers Are Friends You Have Yet to Meet

When you are small, your Mummy would tell you never to talk to strangers.

I for once followed a stranger home after school when I was still in kindergarten. It wasn’t really a stranger to me because I knew who he was. He’s one of Pappy’s worker. So, when I saw the familiar yellow Suzuki with not my Mummy but Mr.Sulaiman in it, I was surprised but I followed him home.

When I got back, Mummy was upset and worried. She asked me why I followed Sulaiman, who surprisingly didn’t kidnap and drove me to somewhere else but sent me home.

I didn’t know how to answer the question Mummy asked me.

Mummy then warned me that I should not follow Sulaiman even if he’s driving Pappy’s yellow Suzuki. I should always wait for either Mummy or Pappy who would come pick me up in that same yellow Suzuki.

From then on, I was very careful and selective on who I should talk to and who I should go home with.

When you grow up, you have to talk to strangers, only that your Mummy never told you so.

Strangers in the office sometimes help to get things done for you. Strangers give you the direction you need to know. Strangers can sometimes be such good listeners. Such good friends, that is when you get to know them better.

I made a new friend today. You know who you are. It was very nice talking to you today even though a bird’s feather interrupted the conversation for a few seconds there.


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