I’m One Year Old

At the time of writing this, there are two lizards making love with one another. *ahem*

The moment I sat down on my desk, I thought of how to create a template which another Ms.Boss assigned me to do. Since it’s the first time she’s assigning me something to do, I thought I would want to do it well. I’m working for two bosses now, since I belong to two teams now.

Things are changing in which we are measured daily. They would compile the statistics at the end of the day and share it out the very next day.

I have been the one with the highest number of calls handled for the day before and yesterday. Mr.Boss wrote something like, “Kudos to Grace to who handled the highest number of calls.” and then he mentioned who had the best average handling time and then ended it with, “Let’s see who can “dethrone” Grace and another colleague of mine tomorrow.”

It’s like car racing and a running competition now.

I don’t know whether I’m number one today but I think it’s time I let another person to become number one.

Today’s another tiring day with special issues happening. I am so burnt out. While I was attending to a customer’s request, I walked over to my colleague’s desk for consultation. While I sat down at a chair near her, my ankle brushed against the sharp corner of a drawer. It was painful and I was rubbing it. But the only thing I didn’t realise was that it was bleeding. I only felt it when I touched on the ankle again to find it wet with blood.

Luckily, I brought along some plasters which I always carry everyday in my bag. I know how easily I can get cut sometimes so there’s a need to bring plasters with me. A colleague once bought a new shoes and it hurt her feet a lot. She just simply asked whether anyone would have a plaster. I told her I have one and she looked amazingly surprised.

“Plaster also you bring ah?”

“Ya lor.”

She shook her head and smiled.

One customer complained about me to Ms.Boss today just because I told her the vessel is not calling the port and the other available vessel for the week is full.

“You mean if I tell you I want to book on this date, you are not going to give it to me?” She threatened me.

“Yes!” I answered surely.

“I want to talk to Ms.Boss” I transfered the line wholeheartedly.

I know she might think I’m ridiculous because she’s a VIP customer but then there’s really nothing that I can do if the vessel is not just full but overbooked. And how do I possibly give her a booking when the vessel is not calling the port at all? Do you expect me to put your container floating in the ocean?

I know she tak syok with me already but apa boleh buat?

One customer called and spoke to my in Hokkien. It’s been a year but no one has ever spoken Hokkien to me before so I was dumbfounded when she assumed I knew how to speak fluently. I understand what she wanted to convey and I tried very hard to reply in my smattering Hokkien which was not too bad I think.

Another customer called and his name is Sunny. I don’t know whether it’s spelt that way but he’s very optimistic and persistent. Desperate but knows where his limits are. The name Sunny suits him well.

I knew the answer was no but I tried to asked the same people a few more times but I got rejected. I finally had to seek Ms.Boss’s consent but she rejected me as well. I had no choice but to tell him many many times that we are not able to comply to his request. He asked me to try again and I tried again. After that, I felt I’m out of energy already and then I just called for the very last time.

“I’m very sorry, Sunny but I am not able to help you.”

“It’s okay, Grace. I know you’ve tried your very best. Thank you so much!”

That’s what I call appreciation.

Other than that, it’s nothing really special but a cut on the ankle for me to mark my first anniversary working in this place.



  • Tien Soon says:

    haha I’m always having a few pieces of plasters in my wallet as well. Yes in my wallet. not bcos I would get hurt or wounded easily, but simply to spare. so some my frenz know who they should look to for plaster haha

  • Coffeeholic says:

    Memorable enough. 😛

  • Grace says:

    Tien Soon: It’s cool to be a walking pharmacy, plaster provider. 🙂

    Coffeeholic: Even more memorable if the scar of the cut decides to stay. 🙂

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