Things I discovered today:

1. Leaving the house at 7:30am now is not going to bring me to the office on time. I need to leave earlier. *cries*

2. I am still shy.

3. I work in a freezer.

4. I will not have Internet access for a week in the office. This is totally unacceptable but surprisingly, I’m working fine without it.

5. Malaysia exports a lot to United States of America. China exports a lot to Malaysia.

6. Some shirts are just made to fit me. Aku cantik hari ini.

7. When a customer asks for your mobile number, it means he/she likes talking to you.

8. When you wonder how long you’ve never spoken to a particular customer, he/she will call you. Like what happened today. She said, “Grace, saya rindu lah!”

9. When people are too cold, they cannot think. The mind freezes.

10. When a colleague of mine is feeling so stressed, she would place her blue Kilometrico above her ear, walk around while fanning herself with her hands and when she sees you, laughs evilly.

11. You wouldn’t know there can be 6 functionalities to the new office chair if not for the briefing given by another colleague who is bothered enough to read the manual to it.

12. A colleague stands in front of the hot drink vending machine but dare not press on any single button and tells you, he has never seen anything like that before. So, I demonstrated to him. He seemed happier after that. I can understand where he’s coming from because I didn’t dare to press on any button when I first encountered the machine.

13. I am still shy.

14. The team I’m currently in now are made up of nice and friendly people. 🙂

15. I think I’m okay.


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