Gracie is a Busy Bee

Sorry for not filling up the blanks for the past two days. I was busy, you see? Ha!

Today marks the end of my first week in the new office. It has been rather eventful and the problems are just flowing in and accumulating and each problem that comes our way are getting more complex and complicated.

Sometimes I wonder how to solve them because they seem to be unsolvable. You wonder whether you alone can solve it. But really, all it takes sometimes is someone to take the initiative to highlight the issue to the relevant parties and the rest will take its place. Like they say, terserah kepada Tuhan dan takdir. I’m trying my best to ask the correct person so that they can guide me on a solution and then it’s up to me to compose messages to be sent to relevant parties across the different offices in the world to get it solved. Sometimes, it’s exciting to be able to communicate with colleagues from different offices in the world. Whether or not you get a reply is another thing but I find it fun even though the problems are really big. When I get a reply, I feel so happy. Of course, I don’t usually feel this way when I’m actually doing it, solving it. It’s only after the day is over and I’m reflecting on what I’ve done today that I feel somehow contented and accomplished in some way.

I’ve learnt that when I work here, anything can happen. And I mean ANYTHING. Things that are unimaginable would happen. And you have to solve the unimaginable when the customers call you unexpectedly. When you get to solve the unimaginable, you feel really amazing. Then, your customers will treat you as their God and love you to bits. Some lah. Not all.

Because why? Some people just love to give you a hard time even though they know they need to depend on you to solve their problems. It’s like they like you and you know it but they still want to give you a difficult time.

Customers bugging you is enough to kill. So when you have the sales person chasing you after they have been bugged by the customers, then it’s not nice. I’m getting calls from this sales lady on my mobile phone, asking me to do things for her customers. It’s not that I don’t know because the customers have been calling me directly. I only answered once. Then, she called me a few times during lunch and I didn’t get to answer them. I will only entertain people who call me on the hotline.

That aside, my forehead has been reading as “The Paper Remover” because there’s a colleague of mine who would call out to me once the paper gets jammed in the printer.

“Grace!! Paper jam!!”

I don’t know why she would call for me. She would be seen like she’s going to pull her hair off anytime and keeps opening and closing the printer cover like as though the jammed paper will disappear with her doing that. Then, Gracie comes and pull out the stupid cartridge (I’m saying this because it is really a very stupid printer) and then pulling the jammed paper out, putting the stupid cartridge back (because putting it once never works, you need to pull in and out until you find the perfect fit to it) and then the colleague would exclaim, “OHHH…finally!”

It’s either that or she would complain why the printer is so slow. I mean of course it’s slow since there’s only one pathetic printer to be shared by so many people. Spooling takes time and dah lah it’s a stupid printer, it’s going to take an even longer time.

“Grace, why cannot print? Why is it not coming out?”

You know, when people know you’ve studied IT, they expect you to know how the printer and the fax machine work. Paper gets stuck in the printer is also my problem.

Lunch time is the most interesting time of all now that most of us eat in. We ta pao from home. You get to sit around and listen to stories that you wouldn’t want to hear. Horror stories of crazy customers. Horror stories of people not liking their boss. At times, I cannot eat in peace. But then, it’s good to be in the loop, to be aware of what’s going on.

I must play hard this weekend because next week is going to be another challenging week.

You have a fantastic weekend too!

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