• pelf says:

    Show la a picture or two..

  • Grace says:

    pelf: 😛 Shy la

  • irresistablyme says:

    Hi Grace, I’ve been away for a long time but anyway, I love dresses too! They make me feel so feminine =)

    Show us a pic of your dress please? Pretty please? If you’re shy, don’t take of yourself in the dress then. =P So is your dress formal/informal, long/short, floral/block colours? As you can see, I love dresses! =P

  • Rach says:

    i love dresses too!

  • Grace says:

    irresistablyme: I will try to show you the pic of the dress when I get to wear it because I plan to go out there and stun some people or someone. 🙂

    Informal. Knee length. Block colours. Ribbon above the waist. Bare-back. Retro, that’s how my sister describes it.

    Rach: We are girls for sure! 😛

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