Winter Wonderland

It’s winter in the office. The rain made it colder.

Almost everyone was in their sweaters and jackets. Guys included so you know how cold it is. Coldest ever in history.

Then, came a thunder while I was on the line with a customer. The line got cut off. It’s like the customer suddenly went dead. It was scary and before I knew it, the server was down. We couldn’t receive any incoming calls nor make outgoing calls. For the first time ever, we were free! I’m not going to answer anymore calls when there is thunder, who knows I might die while talking.

This guy sitting behind me likes my red Patrick a lot. Patrick the dog.

“Your Patrick is so cute.”

I think he said that for 3 times.

I love my surrounding neighbours in the office. They give me warmth on a winter day like today.

It was so cold today, I was incapable of sweating while working out in the gym. I gave up and went to bathe.

Watched “Gubra” today. Laughed and cried. Disturbing and makes you think.

Happy Good Friday!


  • Coffeeholic says:

    Whow Gubra~ I wanna watch!
    Mom told me that I was born in Good Friday. 🙂 As if my day nia… LOL!

  • piggy says:

    Oh…Gubra is out already? I wanna watch it!! Sob! To think that I’m missing out on all the good shows because it’s so expensive here..sigh..

  • Grace says:

    Coffeeholic: You must be a very holy person to be born on Good Friday! hehe

    piggy: Gubra is out. Come back quick to watch it here! 😛

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