• Coffeeholic says:

    Why said so, Gracie?

  • piggy says:

    I guess there will always be a time where we, as children, think that we are never good enough for our parents. But whatever that we do, whatever that happens, our parents will never regret having us as children. Cheer up =)

  • Siah says:

    And to us our parents are never good enough for us… Ain’t it sad?

  • Grace says:

    Coffeeholic: Just something they wanted me to do but I’m not able to do it well.

    piggy: We are always “kids” to our parents I guess.

    Siah: For me, I think my parents are good enough for me. Sometimes I would think they are the best parents I could ever wish for. Just that they tend to love you in a wrong way but understanding the whole intention of why they are doing it that way puts everything into perspective again.

    I wrote the longest email ever to my dad, which I believe came as a shock but enlightening message. There were issues that need to be addressed and I’m glad I was able to express it all out to him and he understood perfectly everything I wrote.


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