CNY Day 11: Accident

I’m crying writing this. I was very calm before this but I guess the effect sank in after 3 hours.

While on my way back home from work about 6:40pm, along LDP, just in front of IOI Business Park, one car was trying to get from the right to the left lane, the other from the left lane to the right and and they were cutting into the same lane at the same time.They tried to avoid one another, one car carried on driving while the other lost control, spinned and landed in the middle of the right lane. Unfortunately, I was the first oncoming car on the right lane and I braked so hard but still wasn’t able to stop in time. So, I crashed into her car.

The water tank or whatever it is called, burst. Front park kemek. Car registration plate broke into two but still hanging on the car. Breaks my heart really, just looking at my car. The other car, the driver’s door was dented, tyre a bit lari. Luckily, none of us was injured. But thinking back, if I would have drove faster, I guess it’ll be a totally different story, given the fact that the driver’s door was facing the direction of the oncoming cars. So if I would have drove at a higher speed, I don’t know if she will get hurt. Likewise, maybe I would be hurt too.

Both cars had to be on tow. Mine because the water tank burst. Hers is because of one of the tyres.

Another thing I felt grateful for was that coincidently, a guy who works at the car workshop was just behind me when the accident occured. Before I could even get down from the car while thinking to myself that why I have to be involved in an accident and why during Chinese New Year, he was already busy snapping photos of the cars. Introduced himself and said he could help me.

I really didn’t know what to do because this accident is different than my first minor accident. This happened on a highway and this accident is worse than the one I had back then, which seemed just like yesterday. You guys must be wondering why I’m always getting into an accident. I feel so myself even though this is the second time.

He was a witness also because he saw how the accident happened and told me it’s not my fault…but then I wouldn’t know if the law would say it’s not my fault. Anyway, he sent me to the nearest police station, brought me straight up to meet the Sergeant. Then, went down again to get my report done and then up again to meet the Sergeant. Most of the time, the guy did the talking and he seemed well-versed with all these procedures and stuff.

After making the police report, he sent me home and we talked a bit in the car. He asked me how I’m going to work tomorrow, why the first person I called immediately after the accident was my dad and not my boyfriend of which I replied, “I do not have a boyfriend so obviously I couldn’t call one.”

He laughed and replied saying, “Yea, relationships can be very complicated.”

He also asked why I looked so calm and said the other girl was so frightened. If I were the girl, I would be frightened too, imagine your car spinning and then you stop in the middle of the right lane and then you see Grace coming and knocking into you. Scary, kan?

I was surprised that I was calm too. I expected myself to be buried in tears at the accident scene. But I was just looking very cool and for a while there, I thought I had turned into a stone.

We forgot to take down the details of the other car owner so I just left a note on the windscreen as her car was still there by the roadside, hoping that she’ll give me a call. She smsed me and said she was sorry. I replied telling her it’s okay because I know she didn’t wish it to happen and it wasn’t entirely her fault. Shit happens. Accident happens.

I don’t have the energy to think or do anything tonight. I just want to go to bed, wake up the next morning and study the technicalities of car insurance and stuff like that. And as I’ve mentioned in my previous accident entry, after each car accident, we grow up.

I am thankful that there was someone to help me just now.

And I feel lucky that I’m still alive!

This is my first challenge in the Year of the Pig. Still cannot believe that I met with an accident, on my first day of work, after coming back from Sandakan, after a nice, long holiday.

Oh well, it started with a bang!


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