Sunny Sunday

A girlfriend stayed over last night and when we woke up at 8 this morning, we went to have a walk in the park. Very nice. I must do this more often, even if it means walking alone.

Just feels great to start your morning early and a little sweat .. out.

Then, we had dim sum at Menjalara, Kepong. Also very nice because I’ve not had dim sum for quite some time. After brunch, we went driving around Desa Park City. Very nice houses they have there. Sometimes, I just like to look at nice houses and dream.

Next, it was jalan-jalan time at The Curve. Went to this Japanese place in Cineleisure called Midori for a long talk. I like the white table and cute pink square stools. Bought a car sign…and I like it! Been trying to look for one and I think this one that I found is pretty good…for me.

Then, sent friend to the LRT station and I went to the pasar malam alone. Bought sayur bayam (for my iron supply), jagung kukus (because sometimes I love to bite horizontally), tomato, carrot and grapes.

Now it’s time to bathe and iron my clothes!

I like my Sunday today.



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