It’s Been 5 Years

Firstly, I would like to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHU YING! :o)

Today’s also the day I graduated 2 years ago.

And 5 years ago, today is the day my bunny left me.

For those who have been following my bunny stories would know about it. For those who don’t, I’ll just do a short re-cap for you.

Why this bunny was so special to me is because I think she is God-sent. I didn’t get her from the pet shop nor did someone gave it to me. She just appeared in the backyard one afternoon. Yes, you heard me right. She just appeared. Like magic.

No cage. No leash. Thought she would go away. But she stayed. For 4 months.

And she’s not just any typical bunny. I have a feeling she’s an imported good or a rabbit from the wild. The exotic kind. She wasn’t all white, like most bunnies. She is a mixture of white with brown patches. White tail. Dark brown ears. Very long ears. Beautiful eye lashes. You’ve got to get pretty close to admire this beautiful side of her. The moment I saw her eye lashes, I guessed it was a her…and indeed it was a her.

The only name I could think of for her was “Bunny”, which happened to be the name of the first rabbit I had when I was a few years old. That Bunny was black.

Having Bunny around was one of the best things to ever happen to me. A short 4 months but long enough for me to remember for the rest of my life. I wasn’t very happy staying at the place where I was staying then. When Bunny came, I was really happy because there is something to look forward to everyday. I know someone’s waiting for me to come home and I can come home to something. I miss the days when she would wait for me by 5pm at the backyard (sometimes, I peep from inside to see if she’s there waiting for me and then I’ll hop inside in joy before I go out). I also miss the times when I unlock the kitchen door and she comes running towards me when the door is opened.

She knows limits and boundaries. Never for once, has she ever stepped into the house. I don’t know why really. Even when I purposely put the carrot inside the kitchen and she sees it, she would just wait at the doorstep, hoping I’ll get the carrot out.

She likes to eat the leaves of the vegetable and not the stem. So I always force her to eat the stem, by putting it into her mouth. Hahahah. And she would willingly oblige.

When I love her exceptionally more on some days, I feed her apple and grapes.

I think she is such a lovable creature that the neighbour’s dog dare not lay its paw on her. That dog can really bark when there’s a stranger but he is just so kind to Bunny. Sometimes, Bunny hops over to the neighbour’s place and he’s okay with her crossing to his territory.

Bunny died in a car crash. I didn’t get to see her body because by the time I knew about her death, the box in which her body was in, was already taken away by the rubbish collector.

So today after work, I went to get some roses in loving memory of Bunny. Two white roses. Two pink roses.

When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart
And when she was sad,
I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy,
So was I
When she loved me


  • Coffeeholic says:

    17 April is significant to you heh? From a memory of Bunny to a milestone in your life. R.I.P. Bunny %%-

    Thanks a lot for the greeting. Heart beats so fast and am overjoyed when I see this, after 2 weeks I’ve not been able to online. And there’s no celebration for my birthday, insignificant 20, until I saw this line.

    Thank you, Grace!

  • Grace says:

    My pleasure! 😉

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