Happy Winter Solstice Festival / ?????

I decided to go alone in search for costumes that I can wear during my company’s annual dinner next month. A colleague came with me as he’s the only one who’s free. The other colleagues are not free, either going back to hometown or going to Singapore to celebrate Christmas. I figured the earlier I settle this, I do not have to worry of what to wear anymore.

And I’m happy I actually found a Spanish dress. It is not too elaborate. I think it looks just nice on me as I don’t like to be too ‘high profile’ or too ‘low profile’. The costume shop also gave me a red necklace to go with the red dress with black laces and a red rose for the hair…which is going to be tied into a low bun.

My colleague got himself an Egyptian outfit. I like the colour of it.

I tried on one Egyptian costume too but it was a bit too big for me…so I decided to stick with the Spanish dress. It was the first costume I tried on today and it seem to be the right one.

I’m just very happy lah ok?


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