CNY Day 8: Happy Valentine’s Day Not!

Throughout the one week that I’m home, the boyfriend didn’t even give me a call. I was the one who called him every 2 days. But for the last two days, he hasn’t been answering my calls…which in return drove me mad.

I kinda expected him not to call at all today on Valentine’s Day but feeling so angry and disappointed, I called him. There was no answer at first but he called back after that. He didn’t wish me Happy Valentine’s even though the phone conversation almost ended. I then had to just slip in a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and he gave me a “hmm”.

And then he said, “This year there’s no Valentine’s Day for me.”


“This year there’s no CNY or Valentine’s Day for me.”

I knew what he meant. He wasn’t celebrating any of the above because is grandma is sick and is admitted to the hospital. But then he could have just put it in another way because he made it sound like he doesn’t have a girlfriend at all.

…which was my next question poured to him.

And then I started scolding him for not answering my calls and asked him if in this world, there are boyfriends who do not answer their girlfriends’ phone call. He just said OK, OK and more OK. I don’t even know if he gets it. I mean this is common sense. Do I need to teach someone to answer the phone?

Prior to that phone call, I was actually having my afternoon nap and I was actually crying during my afternoon nap, for the anger and the wait I have to put up before I get a response.

Things are just getting worse that I sometimes worry if our days are numbered.

My relationships, they have always been a disaster. I just want to love someone and be loved. Be a good girlfriend and be treated the same.

Anyway, I’ll try to do whatever I can.


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