CNY Day 9: 7 Days of Rain

I’ve never encountered rain like this in Sandakan and it does bore me out with so many days of non-stop rain. Sometimes it’s heavy. Sometimes it’s drizzling. Most of the time it’s drizzling non-stop!

And it’s cold! Very cold!

I’ll be flying back to KL tomorrow and I’m happy because I can’t wait to see the sun!

Didn’t get to see many lion dance today as it was drizzling and raining. The lion dance troupe must be suffering a great loss of money because if the weather were to continue to behave the same till Chap Goh Meh, the lions won’t be out dancing.

I know I have been talking too much of lion dance, please bear with me till Chap Goh Meh.

Mummy and Pappy has been asking me to work in Sandakan. The question has been popped to me before I came back for Chinese New Year. Even though I’ve said no twice or more, they are still asking.

There is a good job offer here, something which will not come again should I decide not to come back for good. One part of me feel like coming back. Pros include, staying at my own house, home cooked food, less expenditure, more savings, less stress. Cons include, me being very lazy since I’m gonna be home and therefore, I’m not going to be like what I am like when I’m in KL, doing things on my own. Something which can be quite scary at times but I love it how I learn to become independent (And I don’t think I’m independent enough yet!). Less entertainment. (I practically have to say goodbye to GSC, TGV Cinemas, One Utama, The Curve and so many more goodies that I cannot find here.) Less exposure. Less friends. (Most of them are in KL. The remaining ones here are either teachers, accountants or working in the bank.) I will definitely not cook.

Will need to give it some thought before I decide. But should I decide not to come back to work, I guess I need to make some time to go back to Sandakan twice a year, instead of just once.

Coming home to Sandakan would always make me think of what I want to do and what I want to be.


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