The Hungry Cat

On the 7th day of Chinese New Year, we woke up late and so Pappy suggested we have Bah Kut Teh for brunch and then have tea in the afternoon. Went to the newly opened egg tart shop but they ran out of egg tarts! This shop used to operate in Tanah Merah but the shop was forced to close due to a fire. They continued their business at a nearby shoplot not far from their previous spot and then now, relocated to a new shoplot. And as always, the people have been following them whenever they go.

As we couldn’t get to eat any egg tarts today, we went to Mile 4 market to have chicken wings, gyoza and noodles. While Mummy and I were feasting on the ever-delicious chicken wings, a cat came to me, looked at me, paws touching the bench I was sitting on, gave me a look that it wants food. I looked away and it went away, trying its luck on another person…my mum!

This time, it just hopped right up to the bench, sitting next to Mummy. Just like that. How convenient! Mummy kept asking it to go down.

“Eh, turun! Turun…Turun!”

“Turun ohhh….Turun!”

But I guess the cat didn’t understand Malay because it wasn’t moving. Mummy let it sit there for all that it wants. I continued feasting on the chicken wings and the cat looked at me with a pair of seducing eyes. One opened, the other half closed and she was just staring at me, as though asking me when I’m going to finish the chicken wings on my plate. The fact that it was small made it funnier when I could only see half of its face, as seen in the picture below.

The cat got her share of chicken wings after we finished each piece, jumping up and down when we throw the bones to the floor and then up she comes again, waiting for another piece of chicken wing leftovers.

This cat is cute lah!


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