Up for Some Cool Breeze

Plan to go to Banting with colleagues was cancelled as one was unwell. Was disappointed that I couldn’t pay Dong Zen Fo Guang Shan Temple a visit this Chinese New Year. Maybe next year.

Instead, I went visiting a friend with other friends and out came a sudden plan to drive up to Genting Highlands. I’ve never been up there during the night as usually I’d go during the day so it was quite nice seeing Genting Highlands all lit up from downhill as the car moved up.

Found ourselves a cozy spot at Old Town White Coffee, just opposite the theme park. We sat outside, enjoying the food, drinks and most importantly the breeze and the company of friends.

By the time I reached home at about 2:30am, I was almost wanted to drop dead. I was so sleepy. I immediately fell asleep on the count of 1 as I threw my body onto the bed.

Sometimes I enjoy doing things like that, randomly and unplanned.


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