Happy Fart

Finally met him again today after 3 long weeks and we had dinner in Kepong.

I’ve been very bitter and angry about him for the past few weeks. So much so that I thought when I meet him today, I would still be in the same mode.

But there’s just something about him, or me, or us, that makes my heart skip a beat by just looking at him after not seeing him for some time. Him holding my hand while he’s driving. Him constantly serving me food when we had dinner, which is what he usually does when we have dinner together.

I looked at him before getting down from the car and he asked what happened to me. I just wanted to look at him because I don’t know how many days or weeks it would take before meeting him again.

He looked at me and farted.

He derives pleasure from farting in my presence.


  • Nini says:

    Hi Grace,

    Your love story touches my heart…:(
    I know what it’s like missing someone u really care about…weeks…months…..before sms or a call…

    I was in love a Sandakan Guy….on..and off over 3 years…then we grew apart….took me a while to get over…

    🙂 Nini

  • Grace says:

    Hi Nini,

    Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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