Planning for a Trip

I’ve been staying home for the weekend and not allowing myself to go anywhere. I’m going for a holiday this coming Friday so I just want to save as much as I can before I splurge next weekend. The only place I went was to the service centre to get my car serviced. Cost me a lot more money this time.

I’ll be going to Bangkok with my colleagues and this is my first overseas trip with my colleagues. Also, my first trip where we’re going on our own, without signing up for tour packages. I did something similar last year with my family trip but it was different because the places we went spoke languages that we speak here. I don’t speak Thai so I would have to learn a few of common words to ease my trip.

I’m going to draft an itinerary, to be submitted to my colleagues tomorrow for approval or further amendments. 😀 Sometimes, I like doing stuff like this. As I plan, I get to read a lot more of places that I’ll be going or discover places that I can go.

The last time I stepped foot on Bangkok was more than 10 years ago. I went with my family and basically I didn’t have to worry about anything but just enjoy. We went with a tour guide with a group of Malaysian. We had one of the best tour guides even though his looks could scare one away. His face was scarred by a bomb so you get to see scars of stitches which wasn’t properly done. Anyway, it took some time and adjustment to actually look into his face.

That aside, he was funny and told us lots of stories. I don’t really remember the names of the places I went. I only remembered drinking lots of coconut juice, tom yam soup for every meal, saw big boops during the transsexual cabaret show in Pattaya, saw pig racing, saw tiger feeding piglets and elephant show. We were also brought to shopping malls to buy WACOAL bras. I don’t understand what’s the hype of getting a Wacoal in Bangkok but that’s what we were told to do. My breasts wasn’t fully developed back then so it was a waste trying to get a Wacoal. 😛

Didn’t know Chatuchak Weekend Market exist and I’m going there this time. In fact, I would be very much contented if going to Chatuchak itself is enough to complete my Bangkok trip.

I hope this Air Asia Zero-Fare inspired trip will be an enjoyable one. I can’t wait!


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