Office Politics

I’ve often heard of how bad some office politics can turn out to be but I just couldn’t picture how terrible it could get. Today is one of the days in which I felt so much injustice. Today it also opened my eyes to another world that I knew existed but could never feel how it tastes like.

People can be so biased that they are blind. And if a person is set to nail a person down, he/she goes all out, in spite of whatever measures just to sabotage the other. It is so scary.

I felt very sad and angry for a colleague of mine who did nothing wrong but was sentenced guilty of committing an offence, which isn’t an offence at all. To me, the whole issue was ridiculous because accusations were simply thrown to the innocent faces.

It has taught me to be careful at work but then again, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be safe and protected.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why people love to play all these games at work, it is tiring you know? Just listening and knowing about it is tiring enough, what more being the one involved, being the one plotting the plan and carrying out the dirty tactics.

I sincerely hope that the truth will be revealed one day and that it will open the eyes for those who have been blind. The good ones will seek a better opportunity out there and the bad ones will have trouble sleeping at night.

Yeap, today I felt like strangling someone.


  • gracieq says:

    I really feel for your colleague cause I’ve been there before. It’s tough when you’re being victimised and there’s no one who could truly stand up for you but yourself. And even when you try to stand up for yourself as best as you can, you get beaten down just because you’re such a junior, while he/she is a Vice President of the company.

    There’s always a feeling of dread whenever I step into the office. Even though the dread had slowly ebb away the past few months, the political scene at work is still very much alive and it’s hard to avoid it.

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  • littlebro says:

    This is an unavoidable situation in most workplaces, and what I can say is to be strong at hard times like this. As long as you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s already more than enough…more than even justice itself can deliver.

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