A Shorter Short Hair

I had a haircut again today. I know it is short and you must be wondering, what else is there to cut since it’s so short. The hair on the right side of my head loves to “fly” and I just had to get help to “de-fly” it. It looks neater now but I’m not sure about the flying part. My hair is unpredictable, suffers from more bad hair days than normal hair days. They are thick, hard and stubborn. I inherited this part of me from my dad.

Had dinner today at Ming Chun Kee Restaurant along Jalan 17/1A. It is situated at the ground floor of one of the PKNS flats, next to a motorcycle shop. Their curry fish head, lala in soup are nice. I would always order lala in soup whenever I’m there, just like today. Pappy ordered assam ma yao fish too. Even though it was dinner for two, I was like the only one eating. The entire plate of lala, I walloped because Pappy only took a few. The fish was a bit spicy so Pappy couldn’t take much so again, I had most of the fish. And now I have a stomach with the size of a drum.


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