Happy April Fool’s Day

April is here and it was a tiring and anger-filled day at work, especially the last hour before I left the office and I was actually holding on very tightly to the steering wheel, allowing the anger to subside as I drove on. I just feel so drained.

Then, a stupid car honked at me and I just shouted “YALAH!”

Wanted to cry but the tears just wouldn’t flow because I wasn’t sad. I was too angry for words. So angry that my hands shivered while I typed.

Tomorrow, I don’t want to be angry anymore, or at least, I do not want to reveal my anger. You know how when people bully you and they enjoy seeing you shrink, panic, being angry, sad and weak. I’m so not going to do that.

Tomorrow, I’ll be the usual me. I’m gonna play it cool and take whatever that is being thrown at me as calm as I can.

Go Gracie!!!


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