People, the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the many status of my friends’ on MSN with the figure “RM2.70” was to pump petrol immediately, which I did because it was my time to go home. I knew many would be thinking the same as me and when I saw the queue at Cyberjaya Petronas station, I told myself to forget about it.

I was hoping that the ESSO station along LDP, before the Puchong toll would be a better alternative and it was. The queue wasn’t too long a wait. Just 2 cars before me. The cashier at the petrol station was very stressed but I know he was trying his level best to remain calm. There was one man whose receipt didn’t come out after paying by credit card. Another man whose credit card cannot be used to swipe at the station and of course there was a man who just had to cut my queue (not in car terms but in person term), just to pay the cashier the amount he has pumped.

After leaving the station, it was traffic jam all the way after Puchong toll and I was thinking maybe everyone is queuing up along the gas station along the highway which is causing the jam. Anyway, the whole process of leaving the office and finally reaching home, took me 2 hours. I’m hungry and tired but I’m sitting down here writing this. It’s just…

My current full tank requires about RM65 of petrol, which is about 33 litres at the price of RM1.92 per litre. Now that it has gone up from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per litre, I will need to fork out RM89 for a full tank. The difference being RM24. RM24 should multiply by 4 times, an average amount of time I pump petrol in a month, which would equal RM96. Let’s say RM100. I’ll need to pay RM100 more for petrol per month from now on. And that’s just petrol.

There will be increase in electricity as well as EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD LAH. So, I really can’t think right now. Someone please tell me that another price hike for petrol that will take place in August is not true.


  • Galvin says:

    All petrol stations in Subang jammed up. I gave up since I’ve got 3/4 petrol left in my tank :d

  • liang_mui says:

    i gave up too since i got 1/2 tank left.. but then after tis, i’ll be same like the others outside.. hv to include extra expenses just onli for FUEL!! abt the hike in august, i’m sorry.. i dun think tat’s the rumours.. :-l:@)

    liang_muis last blog post..We Had Enough!!

  • Grace says:

    Galvin: It was quite a scene that it actually made it into the traffic report on the radio. The gas stations are currently facing a standstill. Imagine that being reported. I was laughing just listening to it.

    Liang_mui: Don’t think we are really saving a lot with the last minute pump last night. Maybe only psychologically, we feel a bit more syok to be able to pump the RM1.92 per litre petrol for the last time. I actually treasure my current tank of petrol very much and I’ll savour it till the very last drop. hehe

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