Let’s Just Embrace the Challenge, Shall We?

I guess this petrol hike issue is the topic of the day. Anywhere you go to, anyone you speak to, it’s about petrol. So much so that I’m beginning to feel that I’m not going to talk about the petrol issue anymore. There’s no use complaining because no matter how much or how hard you do it, the price isn’t going to go down. And the only thing it’s going to do, is go up! Some more!

So, I only allowed myself to whine, rant and complain and sulk for an entire day and tomorrow I’m just going to let the fact sink in and move on. Instead of wasting your energy on complaining, better conserve your energy to think of what you’re going to do so that you can sustain and survive.

After getting out of the traffic jam last night, I came home, deflated, and all I could actually cook up is a cup of oats. Tonight, I did the same thing as I reached home slightly before 9pm. I hope I’m not going to die eating oats 2 nights in a row for dinner. This is so unlike me but tomorrow I’m definitely won’t be having oats for dinner.


  • cbenc12 says:

    wah i think ur dentist better than mine! at least he gave u more stuffs in the ‘starter kit’ than mine.. i didnt get any things to ease my stupid ulcers.. i wasnt warn of not eating meat for 3 days! and i did and it was painful.. i couldnt chew and i just swallow after trying to chew for a while..

    and my dentist didnt even take pic for me! i took myself 😀
    but yday night when i went thru my pics before i put on braces and when i initially started, i shocked myself! truly! it was really an ugly ugly set of teeth! =) now is so much better..

    i think i love my dentist after all, its love-hate situation.. hehehe..

    btw, i am going to try oat-porride with corns tonight..

    oh yah, u could eat anything after a couple of months. at least i did – peanuts, almond, chewing gum, crabs (just dun bite the shell) and anything u want.. sorry for rambling again 😀

  • Grace says:

    I’ve not been chewing and I’ve been swallowing my food as well, sometimes using my tongue to break the food before I swallow them.

    It’s hardest now that it’s just the beginning. I really hope I can get to eat normally soon.

  • gracieq says:

    We have been living too comfortably with so much subsidies in the country to the point where we’re a tad ignorant when it comes to costs on things worldwide. I do agree that the petrol price hike is a lot and will impact everybody greatly, I see it as a step that the Government needed to take. Although…they could have tried to do it gradually over the course of 3-5 years instead of using the element of surprise and shock.

    gracieqs last blog post..A poorer country

  • silent_one says:

    I totally agree with what you’ve said in this post. Be optimistic, think of another way out, and live on. That’s life. 🙁

    silent_ones last blog post..f l u

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