Kung Fu Panda!

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Kung Fu Panda

Went to watch Kung Fu Panda at Alamanda Putrajaya with 2 of my colleagues after work. Loved it! Po, the Panda is VERY COMEL and I love his expressions. VERY COMICAL. I love Master Shifu’s bushy tail. He’s a red panda by the way.

Put up at my colleague’s place as we had a late night. We went yamcha after the movies and yakked till 1:30am.

Had breakfast this morning with another colleague and then we went to Sunway Pyramid to jalan-jalan. Lucky we were there early for it was very crowded because it was a public holiday and because there was Roxy’s Summer Splash at Sunway Lagoon. I had the most delicious lunch today at Dragon-I. It was the most delicious because right after my jalan-jalan session, I visited the dentist and am now “proudly” on braces.

I look like robocop now. I can’t really close my mouth. Well, I mean, it’s closed but my mouth seems to be pouting a little because of the braces. Doctor took a picture of me before he put on the braces for me. I guess it’s for the before and after effect pictures. 🙂

I don’t know how painful it will get but so far, it is fine. There is something there hugging my teeth, it’s a bit tight but it’s not painful. Doctor gave me some painkillers, an Oral-B toothbrush designed for braces, a few interdental brushes to clean my teeth when food particles get stuck in between the braces, and a mouth rinse. Oh, and something for me to stick on my braces should I have ulcers..and the ulcers will go away.

I cannot eat one hour after I’ve put on the braces and I need to go on a soft diet, especially for the first 3 days where I’m not allowed to touch meat. And that is why I said the lunch that I had will definitely be a meal that I’m going to miss. OMG, suddenly I feel like I miss food so much.

But I will not despair. No pain no gain.

There will be some adjustment to be done to get used to my current teeth situation. I’m already starting to think of what I can eat for this whole week. Porridge I guess. Tofu. Oats. Boring I know. Haha.

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