Carrot Porridge

Plan of the day was to nurse my teeth at home but I received an SMS early in the morning, asking if I will be free today. I will definitely not reject a request to go out together. Well, maybe depending on who’s inviting.

So there I go, watching another movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, with my schoolmate/hometown mate, whom I believed needed my company as much as I needed hers. It was nice. The movie was not bad. I only had soup for lunch. Oats for breakfast and later stored up lots of soft food from Jusco. Tofu, HL milk, some packet soup (this is not good but this is for emergency use, on days with heavy traffic jam that when I come home, I don’t even have the energy to lift up a fork), Nestum satu tin and CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

The doctor said I could do some ice cream if it numb the pain and MAKE ME HAPPY! So far, there is no pain yet. I hope it stays that way. It’s not that I don’t feel anything. There’s this pressure pushing my teeth, especially so for my lower jaw. Those teeth, I think they are moving slowly and I don’t call that painful. My definition of pain would be those that make me cry and give me headaches that I feel like banging my head against the wall. That’s painful. So far, I’m blessed with no pain yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Anyway, cooked myself carrot porridge today for dinner. I’ve never eaten carrot porridge, except maybe when I was a baby. My friend that joined me for movie today had a bowl of carrot porridge too but I warned her that it may taste a little bland..or tasteless since all I did was just porridge with carrot and nothing else.

The next thing I want to try would be pumpkin porridge. Then, I’ll try to get creative from there.

One thing’s for sure. I’m forever hungry. Maybe because of the soft diet. I was shivering in the cinema because all I had was just a bowl of soup and the aircon was super cold. I don’t know if my neighbours could feel me vibrating at my seat because I sure was shivering like anything.

Need to wash the dishes and head to bed. Tomorrow onwards, I will need to brush my teeth after meal in the office. chikaboom chikaboom


  • liang_mui says:

    hey gracie..

    u can try to add in some mushrooms or baby corns in ur carrot porridge.. at least wont taste so bland… hehe.. this is wat i normally do when i hate to cook.. haha.. lazy ppl do lazy stuff.. “one wok cook” => chinese proverbs…

    u can add in some potatoes too.. so u wont get hungry easily 🙂

    hope this helps.. oh ya.. forget to remind u.. a lil bit of salt.. 🙂

    liang_muis last blog post..Heart-Broken

  • Grace says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I did get some potatoes and I’ll be cooking porridge with it.

  • liang_mui says:

    but mind u.. most of the ppl cant take the potatoes taste with porridge… haha… u can try to add in sweet potatoes too 🙂

    liang_muis last blog post..Heart-Broken

  • Grace says:

    Thanks again liang mui, I’ll need to try to know if I can take the potato taste. 😉

  • liang_mui says:

    welcome, gracie… :-\”

    liang_muis last blog post..Just Being 38

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