Went to work earlier today so that I could drop by the post office to renew my road tax. While everyone is happily collecting their cash rebate, there is nothing for me to cheer about as I’m not eligible for the rebate considering the fact that this car that I’m driving is registered under Pappy’s company name.

There were more people than usual at the Cyberjaya post office and most of them were there to collect their money. You get to listen to conversations coming from the back with the keywords, “cannot survive”, “got money sure come to collect”. When it was my turn, the guy at the counter told me, “Hari ni kamu datang memang banyak orang.”

“Kereta ni boleh claim rebate tak? ”

“Kena tunggu phasa seterusnya.”

“Tapi ni daftar bawah kenderaan syarikat, ada rebate juga?”


DOINK! RM140 of road tax flew away.

After that I drove back to the office to continue to be a good employee.

Tomorrow will be my second last day in this workplace. I don’t know how I’ll react when the last day comes. The first time I resigned from my first job, I CRIED. The second time I resigned from the job before this, I SMILED AND LAUGHED. Yea, such drastic change of emotions.


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