You know…before you leave, the company would like to hear from you,  about your opinion working in a particular place. Today I did what I just did. In fact, I think I wrote more than I should but it was because the form gave me only 3 lines and I can’t write something with just 3 lines. It’s either I write or I don’t. I ended up writing 1 page of comments and suggestions on a separate sheet of paper.

I don’t have to care so much you may say since I’m leaving but I just felt the need to do so. Maybe it’ll do some good for the others who are still there.

One thing I know… I think I just made someone hate me today for writing what I wrote. I have tried to sound as nice and as polite as possible but sometimes writing like that just doesn’t allow me to convey the message as intended. The truth always hurts. I don’t know where I found the guts to write today. Maybe when you have been trudging on silently for too long, you want to make your voices heard and when you do, it sounds exceptionally loud because all the while, there has only been silence.


  • liang_mui says:

    hahaha.. well, normally u wil hv the guts when it’s the last day of ur work at tat co. wahahaha.. i was same like u.. when it reached last day, sure got lotsa forms to fill and i wrote as-if i hv to pass the ‘KaRANGAN’ subject!

    liang_muis last blog post..Say NO to Fishy Smell

  • Grace says:

    Yes, agreed. Don’t think I’d have such guts on normal working days.

  • gracieq says:

    I’m somewhat like you. I tend to bottle up my feelings at work. But I find that the longer I work in this present company, the braver I got in raising matters on things that needed attention. Ha ha! Some people may start thinking that I’m some sort of kay-po-chi.

    gracieqs last blog post..A poorer country

  • Grace says:

    I guess with time, comes courage. haha!

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