My First Day Tomorrow

Watched The Incredible Hulk today with my hometown mate and had Thai food. After going riceless for 2 weeks, I feel like the stomach doesn’t recognise rice anymore. It was harder for the stomach to digest. Hulk was okay to me. Not the kind that blew me away. I don’t know why but I kept comparing it with Kungfu Panda even though I know it’s of a different genre altogether. I miss Po and Master Shifu.

Tomorrow’s going to be my first day at work. It feels like attending the first day of school and you are a bit scared and worried because it’s like another level up. For example, going from Form 3 to Form 4. I will have to be goodie goodie and proper and not crazy crazy like what I appear to some of the closer colleagues in my previous workplace.

Sometimes it takes me quite some time to open up or be really comfortable and at ease in a new environment but I hope it wouldn’t take too long for me to warm up tomorrow and for the days to come.

I discovered another new route today to get to work. The shortest so far but again I wasn’t travelling during peak hours so I can’t say much yet but otherwise it’s all good. Will be going earlier than usual tomorrow so that if there’s a traffic jam, I should still be able to reach on time.

Thank you Charlene for calling me today. I think I’ve never called you even once and you’re the one who’s always calling me from Australia. But I’ll try to call you tomorrow after work to report to you my first day of work. And thank you so much for your concern even though we’re miles apart. I truly appreciate it.

Mummy called me as well and so did Pappy to “test” how I was actually feeling. I’m looking forward to my new job and I hope it’s going to be better than the last one. But whatever it is, I’m going to be as positive as possible.

Run, Bunny. Run!


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