First Day of School


Today I felt like kissing the road. When I was driving I was doing the peeping thing, peeping whether the road is jammed or traffic was smooth and moving. It was pretty good. There were more cars on the opposite side of the road, hence reflecting I’m against the traffic. *plus point!*

Only one toll. *plus point!*

Managed to get a parking. *plus point!* Which means I need to go earlier so that I don’t suffer from parking headaches.

A call from Australia. (Charlene, I don’t know how not to fall in love with you. 😀 )

Another call from Miri. (Sorry number_six, wasn’t convenient to answer your call. Nevertheless, thank you very much. I know what you wanted to convey without even needing to take your call.)

Colleagues were nice. Helped me with opening of bank account and do lunch together.

Came home and was expecting massive jam. Nowhere to be found. VERY HAPPY!

Can it be like this for a very long time?

With all the above, I have to work hard. I must work hard. I will give my best.


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