A Day in the City

One thing I hate about myself is most of the time when I said I’m going to wake up early, I end up waking up later than planned. Just like today I was telling myself I have to get up by 6:30am but I got up close to 7:00am. After having oats as breakfast, I drove to the LRT station, knowing that I might not get a parking place, because it was almost 8am by then.

Where did I park? At the corner of the end of the parking place.

I then walked like a super robot to the LRT station. I love Touch n Go cards. They make life so much easier and faster. It was nice to see people queueing up at the LRT station. It has been ages since I took the LRT in the mornings on a working day. I had to wait for the second train before I get to go in and I was already begining to worry because it was almost 8:20 am already. I had to get to KL city before 9am. Bravo!

There was this granny standing behind me, asking if the train goes to KL. I said yes and she told me it was her first time taking the LRT. I asked her which station she was going to. We so happened to share the same destination.

LRT was very packed.

When the LRT was approaching to my destination, I walked towards the granny to tell her to get off…but she didn’t need me to tell her. She was already ready to get off.

“Did you stand since the beginning of the journey?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“YAM GONG LOR!” She exclaimed.

Very funny.

Anyway, I had to attend training today, which explains why I had to squeeze with the others on the LRT.

I walked like a super-robot again to my targetted building. Not like I know the place lah but with my intelligence, I managed to spot it. Ho Ho. I was just on time. Man! I was panting and sweating and blushing due to panting and sweating.

I was dying to talk to the lady sitting behind me in class because I just felt so. haha. Well, I wanted someone that I could have lunch with and probably make a new friend. So I initiated a conversation with her by asking if she drove or took the LRT, then the conversation just flowed. When it came to lunch break, I also asked her if she wanted us to go for lunch together. She agreed.

She’s a graphic designer turned secretary.

At the end of the training, I actually got a certificate! So not within my expectation so I was very happy. Then I hopped on to the LRT again to get to KLCC to meet a friend who spent me dinner at Chilli’s.  Tequila-Lime Fish Steak. Bottomless iced lemon tea. Yummy like Mummy. Thank you Nathan!

Hopped on the LRT to go home. Walked like super-robot again to the dark parking place. It wasn’t too scary as there were other people walking towards my direction too. 8:30pm and LDP was still jammed. One thing I can never understand.

I actually enjoyed my day. I do like to be able to do something different on a working day, other than clocking in to work and then out. Even though it was madness with the super robot walking, it was fun. Get to talk with new people, get to go to new places, get to eat at a different place. Just out there to breathe the city air.


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