Wrong Number

I don’t know why this person must call me 2 something in the morning. Don’t even know him. In fact, I shouldn’t have answered the call. When I heard a guy’s voice on the receiving end, I kinda freaked out. I kept quiet after saying a hello, which triggered him saying hello. Then he kept hello..ing until he finally put down the phone.

Then he called again twice. I never picked up.

Then he sent an SMS which I only read when I woke up. He wrote in Malay, said sorry and didn’t intend to disturb me. He just wanted to know who owns the number and where do I stay. And if he thinks I’m just going to tell him that, I’m very sorry.

I hope he doesn’t call me again la. I cannot sleep not because he calls in the middle of the night but because I’d be thinking how in the world he got my number and think of all the bad things. Shit.


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