Today is Not a Good Day to Take the LRT

  1. I’ve got a lot to write but I’ve got no time since I have been waking up earlier than usual and sleeping earlier than usual as a result of that.
  2. So let’s do the numbering entry. Ready, get set. Go!
  3. Taking the LRT today was a disaster. I was lucky enough to get a parking at the station. That is actually one of my nightmares. I often wonder how early people drive to get a parking at the station. I have been getting there earlier as compared to yesterday but I think I have to be earlier than today because it’s just not early enough when you get to the station even though the clock shows it’s still early.
  4. Okay, back to taking the LRT is a disaster today. There was technical error or something like that with the track system from Setiawangsa to Gombak which affected the whole track. When I queued up, it wasn’t so bad. Saw one train left but I managed to get on to the next. I was worried because they keep announcing that they will be delay and it will take up more than an hour before it is being rectified.
  5. I feel for those commuters who are getting on the LRT on the stations ahead because trust me, it’s like an impossible feat. Ask me to travel like that everyday to work, I don’t know if I’d ever survive. I do not mind taking the LRT but I’m just scared of travelling during peak hours. It’s just…WOW
  6. Yesterday it was nice though it was crowded in the LRT. A guy was talking aloud…I don’t know who he was talking to since half the time no one actually responded. When he got off the LRT, he said, “Have a great day all. REMEMBER TO SMILE!”
  7. How can you not smile upon hearing that?
  8. Funnily, not everyone smiled.
  9. Maybe it’s really stressful taking the LRT?
  10. But I did…and the guy standing next to me was also smiling when our eyes met.
  11. But he is taken.
  12. Because a girl who got off earlier than him was touching his face before that.
  13. Today, it wasn’t nice because a guy was standing so close to me. Our butts met.
  14. I know it’s unavoidable but…our butts met, you know? It’s like…why must our butts meet?
  15. The reason why I’ve been taking the LRT is because I am attending training in the city centre.
  16. I’ve got new friends. A malay girl who sat next to me and an Indian girl who sat to my right.
  17. I’ve been lunching with the Malay girl. I love myself for initiating a conversation with her. I think I’m getting better at this. Making the first move. I also talked to another new colleague who joined me for training and though it didn’t last long, I’m glad I made the first move.
  18. I like my new friends though I don’t know if I’ll ever meet them again.
  19. I scraped the rims of my front tyre while I was parking…in the name of rush. *sigh*
  20. I performed C-section on my soft toy duck, Bebeki. Remember which one?
  21. Apparently, there’s some bugs growing inside its stomach. I know it’s hard to comprehend this but just imagine it okay? There’s this aromatherapy or dried flower thing in its tummy that I can microwave and put it into its tummy and when I hug the toy, it gives me a warm feeling. But because I’ve got no microwave at home and I’ve not heated that thing even once…maybe that’s whole the bugs came alive.
  22. I didn’t realise it until last night when I switched off the lights and jumped right on to the bed and then got bitten.
  23. If I was too exhausted, I don’t think I’d even bother.
  24. But I felt something wasn’t right so I woke up, switched on the lights and inspected my beds.
  25. I thought I grew fleas on my body…there were little black creatures crawling on my bed!!!!!!!!
  26. Inspected every inch of the pillow, pillow case, bed sheet, mattress, blanket, towel, DUCKY but I cannot find any trace to the bugs…until I saw Bebeki and I decided to strip open its stomach to check.
  27. Lo and behold!! There were a few bugs in there but I cannot imagine how many there are inside. I put Bebeki in a plastic bag, tied it and went to bed. Bug finding…is for tomorrow (which is today). I’M TIRED.
  28. Bebeki is lying on the sofa now…remained unstitched. Poor Bebeki.
  29. I think that’s about it for today, yesterday and the day before yesterday.
  30. Oh..I actually saw two men fighting. A man rushed out of his car,,ran towards another car. Scolded and asked questions. Man from car came out with a bloody STEERING LOCK, followed by a woman, maybe his wife, who I believed her intention was to stop any bloodshed. I mean…why must someone take a steering loud even when one is in anger. It’s just not right lah. And he’s SO OLD LAH.
  31. I was stunned, just standing by the roadside with my mum because we were on our way to the pasar malam when the guys started making a scene. The guys starting shouting and trying to grab each other while the woman was trying to stop them. Screaming and more screams. Another lady who was in the car of the first man who came out, kept sounding the horn and waving to others for help. If I were a guy, maybe. But I don’t know how to help in situations like that…just thinking about the steering lock is enough right?
  32. That’s why sometimes even though I meet stupid drivers. I just close one eye if I can. You don’t know when you’ll meet road bullies like that. They cannot stand being corrected, what more having their mistakes pointed out.
  33. I once scolded my dad who kept staring at the car behind me. Trust me, I think he had the urge to show his middle finger too should I have not uttered a sound. The light was yellow then red. I couldn’t have possibly beat the red light but the car behind me kept sounding the horn. I mean I was mad lah. Cannot see it’s red kah? But I will never use the middle finger or do something funny lah.
  34. Because I’m a lady driver and I drive alone sometimes.
  35. Enough said.
  36. I need to go to bed.
  37. LRT, please don’t die on me tomorrow.
  38. Thank you.


  • cc says:

    Interesting way to write about it. 🙂

    Hello, first time commenting here. 🙂

  • cbenc12 says:

    thats a long one! change all ur bedsheet and pillow case and blanket and sun your pillow.. should get rid of the bugs.. ewwwww!!!

  • nathan says:

    lol… i think you should drop the toys into the washing machine – they need a bathe and a proper day under the sun…:d

  • Ying says:

    *I know it’s unavoidable but…our butts met, you know? It’s like…why must our butts meet?* <- I can’t stop laughing when I read this. Haha.

    Sorry for Bebeki. Hope he/she will be cure soon. Bebeki is he or she?

  • Grace says:

    cc: Thanks for dropping by. You have a lovely blog there! 🙂

    ben: Changed! Bugs are now gone and killed.

    nathan: Not now…I need them. hahaha

    ying: Bebeki is a she.

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