Mummy flew back home and naughty Gracie decided to come out and play!

She went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with her ex-colleagues after work on Friday, who happened to be all Cancerians. Born 22 June – 22 July.  Decided to dine at Italiannies but it was full, went to TGIF but it was full as well, ended up at Shogun, which didn’t really impressed.

Continued our session at Cafe Flam. Felt like having beer but I ended up with orange juice since I’m going to be driving home. Went to check out the cinema even though we weren’t going to watch any movie. Went to the games arcade next to the cinema for a round of car racing. Went to the bowling alley to have a look. When we were done, it was already 1 something in the morning.

Reached home and had to report to Mummy that I’m home. Usually when she flies back, I could escape reporting to her that I’ve reached the office in the morning. This time around, she still wanted me to send her an SMS to tell her I’ve reached my office. I hope she’ll forget about asking me to SMS to her every morning starting next week onwards. I know what I mean.



Bought concert tickets at Mid Valley. Yeap, I’m going to a concert and it has been 2 years or more since I last went to a concert. I miss going to concerts. I’ve always love going to Bukit Jalil whenever there’s a concert and I really hate going to Stadium Merdeka. The cement seat hurts your butts to the core. Was there for Jay Chou’s concert many moons ago. Butt didn’t hurt that much considering the fact that Jay was entertaining enough and I love him enough to have a sore butt. Was there for Mariah Carey’s concert as well. This was a nightmare. Concert started late due to some late arrival of VIP. Just don’t understand why these VIPs cannot make it on time just for once. Isn’t Mariah the only VIP since she’s the one singing for the concert? Why must we wait for some so-called very important person before they let Mariah sing? This time…my butt really hurt very much and I kinda swear I’m not going to Stadium Merdeka anymore.

I don’t even wanna think about parking and taking the LRT especially after the concert has ended. You know sometimes they don’t extend the time and you will miss getting on the LRT. But for the love of the rock princess and that I have company that of my ex-colleagues, I’ll sacrifice my butt again and perhaps to the idea of missing to get on the last LRT back home.

Bought 2 books by Jodi Picoult when I was at The Borders, The Gardens. It was nice and quiet and lovely in the bookstore since it was still early. I initially planned to just get one book. My Sister’s Keeper. I read it while waiting for the rest to turn up for dinner and was suddenly hooked that I just had to get it else I’ll be forever thinking about it. But because there was a sale going on, I can get 20% off if I get 2 books…so I simply chose another book by Jodi Picoult and was damn happy with the price of the books.

Went to The Curve for lunch. Kenny Rogers. Walked around a little. Went to Pin Junction of Cineleisure where the others had a round of bowling and I sat there watching them play.

They went back and I was planning to go home when the band started to sing. It was nice and so I sat down and listened alone. They sang mostly oldies and I really really loved it.

Came home and only drank soup. I’ve over eaten during dinner last night at Shogun and lunch at Kenny Rogers.



Made myself stay home. The only time I was out was when I went down to throw the rubbish and check on my car’s coolant level. I have to make myself stay home because I don’t want to spend anymore money this weekend.


  • gracieq says:

    My Sister’s Keeper is a gem. But Jodi Picoult’s other books are a tad difficult to read in the sense that her style has always been slow and dry although the plot and synopsis of her books always sound interesting.

    gracieqs last blog post..Sorry, I just don’t respect you!

  • silent_one says:

    Ohhh, you’re going for Avril Lavigne’s concert…nice! I’m a fan of hers too but it’s just too heavy for me (and my wallet) to go for 2 concerts at a time.

    That means you are taking LRT to the concert? If you’re going with several friends, I suggest you drive there.

    silent_ones last blog post..j o b___h u n t

  • Grace says:

    gracieq: Hmm..I’ve got to read them to see if what you said is true!

    silent_one: I’m still thinking whether to drive or take the LRT.

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