It Has Just Begun!

For the first time in a very long time, I actually feel DRAINED while I was sitting on my desk today. Thank God that I only felt that way when it was time to go home. Stayed back for an hour or so to figure out something. My job is a lot about figuring out stuff, especially for someone new like me, I’ve more stuff to go figure. And because my mind was already stuck, I decided to just call it a day. I think I should be able to think better tomorrow.

And I’m really thankful because there are kind souls who are so ever willing to teach and guide me. But of course, you must ask! Well, it’s not going to be easy but I know I’ll learn a lot, at least in comparison with my previous job. I get paid more now so it actually means the work is more difficult too. But I believe I should be able to handle it but it may be tough for the first few months.

So long as I have lunch companions and supportive people around me, I think I can brave the storm. 🙂

And for the first time in my life, I KILLED a lizard. I hate killing lizards, more than killing cockroaches. Lizards are hard to kill. I didn’t want to kill it but because it was easier to kill, since it was a baby lizard, I had to. The problem with my kitchen is that there are more lizards. There is a frequent visitor and like I’ve written on my earlier entry, I can recognise it by just looking at its eyes. It was there yesterday lurking around the sink. Gave me a good fright and jump when I turn on the tap. It was dry and there was no food, no nothing. It came too.

The other new frequent visitor is a striped lizard. I hate striped lizards. Though they are just lizards, they are scarier to look at. This one is of the same size as frequent visitor #1. And if I ever find it lurking around the sink while I turn on the tap, I think I’d just faint in the kitchen.

Latest addition is a baby striped lizard which I just killed. I was looking at it and imagining it growing big and all. I cannot take two striped lizards in the kitchen so what I did was to try to kill it. How? Spraying dish washing liquid on it but it still looked strong then I proceeded with aerosol spray. It was still strong. Then I gave up and today I think it’s dead. It was so small, I couldn’t actually just catch it while it was wet with the dish washing liquid but I wasn’t brave enough. Told you I hate lizards in the kitchen, especially striped ones!!!

Anyway, my daily routine whenever I go into the kitchen is I will go peek at the sink to make sure it’s lizard-free. Or switch on the light and then make some noise to announce to lizards if they happen to be around and getting jiggy with it in the sink that I’M IN THE KITCHEN SO PERGI MAIN JAUH-JAUH. Or if lizard is stubborn and love my sink so much that it’s not leaving, I’ll talk to lizard, “FASTER LA, FASTER GO AWAY”.

Can someone tell me how I can get rid of lizards in the kitchen? I don’t care if they want to stick on the ceiling or on the wall. Just don’t interfere with me in my kitchen, especially the sink.


  • cc says:

    I hate and scare of them at the same time. 😮
    It’s a good thing there’s non over here.

  • Ying says:

    I know! Buy a Lizard Spray. It won’t kill the lizard, but the smell will chase away the lizard!!! I tried b4 and it works. My house if free of lizard now, hahaha. Last time i bought the lizard spray at jusco, rm10 for 1 bottle.

    But the spray has a very unpleasant smell, u might not want to stay inside the room once you spray. So my suggestion is, spray b4 u go out. The strong smell will gone after few hour. The effect can last for few months.

    They should pay me for promoting the lizard spray here. Haha.

  • cbenc12 says:

    lizard spray! nvr heard of it before.. but if lizard just hide themselves from our view, they can be good. coz they eat all the stupid insects like mosquitoes.. which i hate more than the lizard. yah, try getting the lizard spray =)

  • Grace says:

    cc: How nice! You don’t have to deal with them.

    ying: The next time we go shopping, you must bring me to Jusco and show me that lizard spray. I am in need of one.

    ben: The lizard is my house don’t know how to play the hide-and-seek game well. And they are not hiding even when I’ve finished counting. 😛

  • cc says:

    By the way, try wiping with diluted bleach. I read somewhere that will get rid of them.

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