A Silver for Malaysia!

Okay, he lost but so what?

I’m a little disappointed too but that’s because I’ve harboured high hopes and was actually dreaming that we could score a gold medal for the very first time. I was hoping maybe he could beat Lin Dan but on the other hand, I know Lin Dan will be a very very tough opponent for him. Lin Dan was just world class tonight. He made it looked so easy.

But nevertheless, let’s congratulate Lee Chong Wei, shall we? He played very well in the previous matches but he just couldn’t beat Lin Dan this time. We should, at the least commend him for his efforts. I’ve always like Chong Wei as a badminton player hence this post. 🙂 I think he’s got a very good attitude. (Better than Lin Dan because sometimes he’s a bit action la and he’s got this pattern of always requesting  to change the shuttle cock, and when people served, he will hold up his hands and say he’s not ready. I’ve seen him play live before in KL, it did annoy the crowd.) That’s because he’s super good so I think he can afford to act that way. You can hate him but you got to love him for being such a wonderful and terrific player.

The main point is….I still like Lee Chong Wei.

I hope the media won’t be harsh on him. Just two days ago, we were being so nice with our words on him, making him look like a hero to us already. Now that he’ve lost in the finals, I hope the media doesn’t trash him. I just feel that there are people right now talking really bad about him so I just feel TAK SYOK. But it’s about how they feel and I can’t say they shouldn’t feel disappointed. But let’s just give him a break, ok?

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO LEE CHONG WEI! and I LOVE YOU as a badminton fan. haha


  • Ying says:

    Yes, we got a silver! Lin Dan is action, can tell from his nick ???. Haha…

  • cc says:

    I totally agree with you! Really didn’t like the titles on newspapers. Instead of emphasizing on the loss, they should be celebrating his win and a good job done!

  • liang_mui says:

    yea.. dun like the media focusing on his loss. LCW reali did well. did they realise tat CW is exhausted yest? he look veli thin now. mayb due to stress.

    i tot i’m the onli 1 who spotted LD wif his cocky face to change the shuttle cock.. haha…

    liang_muis last blog post..Bumbu Bali

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