I Want My Avril!

<Beginning of Rant>

First of all, I just need to rant about one thing. There’s news that Avril Lavigne’s concert has been cancelled and there is also a news shortly after that in The Star online that the organisers will try to stage the concert. I don’t understand why it is so hard to have a rock concert in Malaysia. If it’s going to be cancelled, I’m going to be VERY DISAPPOINTED with our country. And why at the very last minute? Bought the tickets, took leave specifically on that day to attend the concert and now this. And that isn’t solely why I’m angry. I’m angry because I don’t see how rock is going to corrupt us.



</End of Rant>

Today is a much better day. In fact, it made everything that I talked about yesterday seemed small. I think I blown it out of proportion a little. In spite of what I’ve written, I still think I’m lucky to have this job and I’m destined to have this job at this juncture of time. Sometimes we just don’t need to think too much to complicate things. I must learn how to simplify my thoughts. Writing it out helps even though what you wrote yesterday makes you look like an idiot today. If I don’t write it out, I don’t think I’ll be okay today. I’ll still be stuck in that solemn mood.

My favourite Olympics sports is going to be shown from tomorrow onwards. Rhythmic Gymnastics! Synchronized Swimming (started already) and I enjoyed watching the Trampoline event. First time I’m seeing such a sports event. I think the China team is doing a very impressive job this time around. I enjoy watching the Olympics this time around too. There are things that you appreciate more when you get older because you understand it better. The next time when the Olympics comes around again, I’m going to be 30 already. Anyway, I die die also must watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics. I should be able to make it even though I’ll be picking Iris up from the airport. Come back home I think ngam ngam the time. Hopefully I don’t need to go through what I went through, rushing back to watch the opening ceremony but getting caught in a terrible traffic jam!


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