28 Ogos

Longest working day today I had thus far in the new place and it’s only just the beginning. I need to expect more of days like this and September is going to be tough. I think I can do this but I’ve just got to kiss my swimming sessions goodbye perhaps. September is going to be memorable also and I guess the hardship will be softened with Iris being around. You know how she calls my name when she sees me after work, calls me in the office and asking me what I’m doing and telling me what she’s doing, waiting for me for dinner and then talk like we will never run out of topic. Yet, I feel that due to work, I’ll have less time spent with her as well so I really got to make every second count!

She went back today with Pappy to Sandakan so I’m home alone again. Was driving home after work and didn’t know what to eat. If it’s early, I could still go back and cincai cook something, except for maggi. But because I worked later than usual, then I started feeling lonely and butt is itchy, wanna go somewhere do something, just being somewhere.

Hit the shopping mall, ate alone at the small snack house. Alone but not really feeling lonely now because I was really enjoying my bowl of noodles. The waiter was kind to me. The cashier was also kind that he gave me RM5 instead of RM2, but he realised it before the RM5 reached my hand. I was even kinder because I got myself 2 bras and 2 polo tees. Like I said, you are seeing a shopaholic in the making.

But you know what? It makes me happy. When I like wearing something and when it looks good, I’m happy and makes me feel a little bit more confident.

I’m on holiday tomorrow but there are some personal errands to be settled. A house to clean. Thanks to my vacuum cleaner hose which decided to die on me yet again. This time I’d have to bid it farewell forever and I’m going to get a new vacuum cleaner. This would be my first owned vacuum cleaner. Must make the right choice. Anyone who has any recommendation for any particular vacuum cleaner, please feel free to drop a comment.

Then I’m going to a concert and I hope the weather will be fine. Look how it rains everyday now. But otherwise, I’m going to have a good time with my ex-colleagues at the concert. When you are single, God gives you friends! I’m starting to consider myself single because it has been like 2 months since the boyfriend contacted me. It’s like I’m non-existent. Not the first time I’m going through this. No longer crying like I used to. I think I’m kinda losing hope on this relationship thingy. Doesn’t seem to work for me and yet I see wedding photos being circulated, people getting married, couples being couples and I’m just here, still sebatang kara. Tapi aku reda. Some things cannot be forced. Some things are already written in the stars. As long as I still have the ability to smile at the end of a bloody tiring and exhausting day, I think I’m still fine.

Nak tido. Selamat malam.


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