Avril Lavigne Live in KL 2008

This is going to be long.

4 of us took a cab to KL Sentral because I didn’t feel like driving. With the road closure and all, I just didn’t want to risk getting stuck somewhere and I’m not familiar with parking the car at the stadium. We had early dinner at KL Sentral which was very crowded with the balik kampung over the Merdeka holidays. No seating place at McDonald’s so we settled for Subway but they ran out of breads! We had wraps instead. This is my first time eating in Subway.

We then walked to the monorail station to get a monorail to Maharajalela station. Not too crowded and reached Stadium Merdeka around 6:45pm or earlier and to find that the concert will only start at 8:45pm instead of 8pm. But I know well that it’s going to start later than 8:45pm. I’ve never been to any concert that starts sharp on time. There were more police trucks than usual.

The gates were open around 7 or later so it wasn’t too long queueing outside. Then the next thing we knew, it started drizzling and then it rained. I managed to smuggle in my umbrella so I was okay and we had this Hotlink banner thing which we untied from the post to shed ourselves, we also offered a Malay couple sitting next to us to squeeze in with us under the banner. But then the rain got heavier and umbrella won’t help. We saw people getting raincoats. One of us went to collect it outside but before he came back with the raincoats. The malay guy whom we were squeezing the banner with came back with enough raincoats for us. How thoughtful!

Then, I don’t know why..they went away..maybe to find another spot. Then these few Chinese girls came along asking if anyone is sitting there. I just told them there were two just now but not sure if they are coming back. Then she asked my friend next to me if they are Chinese. My friend said no…and she replied saying, “Then lagi no need to care.”

I don’t know what kind of sick statement is this. I didn’t like it at all. In fact, I was very disgusted.

Never mind about that. Let’s talk about happy things!

Sitting around us were couples, a girl who came to watch the concert by herself ( I really salute her because I can eat alone, stay alone, walk alone but I can never go to a concert alone. And when you look at her, she’s alone but not lonely, in fact I think she enjoys herself very much and it’s nice to see.) There’s also a father bringing along 2 daughters. The father is not the young young kind or rock rock kind so it’s very heartwarming when you see him with his daughters, moving to the beat of Avril’s songs and even equipped with their own raincoats! So one thing I learnt…since concerts do not allow you to bring in umbrellas, bring raincoats!

There was even one guy who brought a booklet of lyrics. He used his mobile phone to get some ray of light so that he could read and sing along with the lyrics. Talk about being Avril’s fan!

One of the security guard came and saw us with our umbrella and out of the so many others with umbrella ( I think my umbrella is pretty la), he just had to come and tell us that the organiser says no umbrella is allowed…so we had to close the umbrella. He looked guilty telling us that but I know he was just doing his job. Out of guilt, he gave us more raincoats. Do you know how many raincoats I came back with ? SEVEN!!

Concert started at 9:15pm after 2 hours plus of agonising wait.

Started off with “Girlfriend”. I was expecting it to be the last song though but it was fine as it got the concert starting well. Loved the pink guitar, pink piano. My favourite piece was when Avril played on the piano, “When You’re Gone”. Very very nice!!

Also loved “The Best Damn Thing”. The only setback is that it ended too quickly. When Avril was introducing her band, it gave me a very weird feeling because usually this is done when the concert is about to come to an end and she did it before the concert came to an hour. Before we know it, the concert ended and she came back with an encoreΒ  with the song “Sk8er Boi” and then the end.

Everyone was like dumbstruck. And not leaving. It was only an hour.

Really tak puas. We wanted more but it was really the end.

We left and walked towards the monorail station but it was so crowded we decided to head for Petaling Street in search for food and other means of transport. We ended up walking a long journey because of the indecisiveness and taxi charging me unreasonable rates and finally settled for Pasar Seni LRT station. Took the LRT back to Kelana Jaya and was charged midnight rate even before midnight but it was okay la. The rate was still acceptable and we didn’t have much choice. No more taxis in sight if we don’t take it.

I really don’t like going to Stadium Merdeka and I also dislike going for countdown in the city centre. Been there, done that. It’s a torture. So much so that I like to be within a crowd to celebrate, it pains me when it’s time to go back. The LRT station …you can just forget about it. It’s a massive human-traffic jam. Taxis charge you like you grow money on trees but you’ve really got no choice but to take it if you don’t drive. Driving is another nightmare.

So, if you ajak me out for countdown in the city centre, I really would have pass it unless there’s something so special that I have to be there. I rather sit at home and enjoy it from the television.

Back to Avril, it was short but I would say it’s short and sweet. Thinking back of it, the concert was fun albeit short. And this may be the only time Avril is coming and I can say…I’ve been to a rock concert! πŸ™‚

Thank you, Avril!


  • cc says:

    Oh, so the concert did happen afterall. πŸ™‚
    I have yet to go to a rock concert. πŸ™

  • silent_one says:

    Well, I think you can salute me as well because I’ll be going to the F.I.R concert early next month alone too. Heh…

    I guess transportation is the one & only thing that spoils the mood of going to concerts. πŸ™

    silent_ones last blog post..j o y

  • Vern says:

    Hi there, hopped by from CC’s. Looks like it’s a good thing they decided to allow the concert to go on after all. I heard it was a short stint though, about 45 minutes?

  • Grace says:

    cc: Yes, the show had to go on! πŸ™‚

    silent_one: I would have to agree with you, the transportation part is the one that gives you headache. I personally think Bukit Jalil is a better place as compared to Stadium Merdeka. At least there’s ample parking space if you’re driving.

    vern: It was a short one, about an hour. Thanks for dropping by. πŸ˜€

  • gracieq says:

    With the number of raincoats you have, maybe you can start selling them to get some extra moolah? Hehe…

    gracieqs last blog post..Jumping into the blogging bandwagon

  • Grace says:

    gracieq: Those were very cheap, thin plastic-bag like kind of feel of raincoats. Don’t think I’ll get extra moolah out of it, better save it for another outdoor rainy concert! hehe

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