Domestic Goddess

Just so you know, I am fine. Felt a whole lot better after yesterday’s downpour. Yup, I was actually sobbing like mad after writing what I wrote last night…but I’m fine now.

Woke up in the morning to make myself carrot and orange juice. Yummy!

I’m going to have steamed egg with meat plus rice for lunch today. Yes, cooking time again! Am also soaking green bean to boil green bean soup later. Tonight I think I’ll have the remaining choy sum cooked and maybe some prawns.

I’m thinking of getting myself another domain. A place that allows me to separate my writings here and allowing me to put photos and write short entries of the photos itself. Because this is what I love doing and I wouldn’t need to link my emotional self to this new domain. It is just going to be about the happy stuff and at the same time, I get to rant and express myself as uglily as I sometimes need to here. Have not been taking photos for a long long time. The desire just died off but I want to make it come back. I don’t have super duper camera to take nice pictures like the professional does. I only have a humble Olympus compact camera to do the job and very often I take say like 20 pictures just to get 1 picture that I really like.

Now it’s back to cleaning and tidying up the hurricane mess of my house.


  • Vern says:

    WordPress has a cool photoblog theme going on – but of course if you can get your own domain and all there are so many cool choices to start a photoblog. I used to snap photos from my 2 megapixel camera phone for a long time before I moved on to a real, proper camera. But you know what? Other than the difference of noise and resolution, both gadgets do equally well to tell a story through stills. A wise friend once told me, “It’s not the camera, it’s the person behind it.” 😉

    p/s: Can you come over and clean up the mess in my room too? :d

    Verns last blog post..Explosions in the Sky

  • cc says:

    It’s not the camera, it’s the person behind it. Click away! I look forward to see those snaps. 😀

  • cbenc12 says:

    a post-*hug* for u.. =)
    u r stronger than u think u r.. everyone breaks down now and then..
    and i think u have a superb friend that treat u so nice!!! is it a he? 😉

  • gracieq says:

    Did you get The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella? It’s a great read and it helps to lighten up a really down day.

    Do remember that there are a lot of people morally and mentally supporting you throughout your down days. >:d< gracieqs last blog post..Jumping into the blogging bandwagon

  • aunty says:

    and i think u have a superb friend that treat u so nice!!! is it a he? -> 20 odd years of friendship lol:)>-

  • Grace says:

    vern: Thanks for the tips!
    p/s: Just imagine me vacuuming your room now, alright? Hahah

    ben: Yes, a he which I’ve known since primary school.

    gracieq: I didn’t get the book but I did read it when I borrowed it from a friend a few years ago. Yes, a good read! Thanks for the hug~

    aunty: How come you changed sex today from uncle yesterday?

  • uncle aka aunty says:

    aiya… everyone says that i’m uncle and also aunty… what to do… sigh lol…:((

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