Chased By a Dragonfly!

It could be the after effects of the extra long weekend or it was something else but this morning I really didn’t want to get up to go to work. Not just any normal Monday blues, in this case, Tuesday blues. I was really feeling the kind of feeling I hate, dreading to go to work. Yup. This has not visited me for a long time and now it hits me and when it does, I panic.

I was late to work because I left my phone at home. I wasn’t too far away from home when I realised I forgot my phone. Why did I forget it? Because someone SMSed me early in the morning and after replying the message, I put it on the coffee table and went to wash my mug as soon as I finish my oats. And it was just there until I came back to get it. While I was eating oats, I was still thinking about work that I think it made me blur and forgetful and unaware.

While driving, I really felt like I didn’t want to go to work. A bit like rasa wanna nangis. I swear to God I’m not even kidding and I just wasn’t sure why I feel this to this kind of extend. I wanted the feeling to go away.

Went to work late because of the turnaround to get the phone but as soon as the day started, I was fine again. I think I will be fine again. At least tomorrow is imaginable, that I don’t think I’ll have that dragging feeling. Already planned what to wear tomorrow…so I should be okay.

I talk to myself a lot. Not neccesarily out loud but just talking to myself inside of how and what I should do the counter whatever feeling that is coming unexpectedly.

One thing didn’t help though when I know someone that I was just starting to get close with will be leaving me. 🙁

Broke my heart a little when I hear about it.

Anyway, I was chased by a dragonfly in the lift today. Yea, very funny I know. I’m scared of dragonflies but I know they bring good luck or they mean good things are coming your way. That is the definition of a dragonfly to me. Just like how if some bird flies into your house and then flies out, it means you’re going to score big time in your examination. For example, getting straight As in public examination. This is proven. Really!

I cooked dinner tonight. Yea, after all the complaints that I have lesser time now and bla bla bla. I just had to make dinner tonight. It didn’t come easy because on one hand I had already decided to cook but on the other hand, the mind says go MCD, then other mind says go tapau nasi lemak, then the mind says go get your mouth rinse and then tapau nasi lemak, then the other mind says go to One Utama to get your mouth rinse, vegetable and food, Finally lah finally, I JUST TOLD ALL THE MINDS THAT CAME OUT FROM ONE MIND OF MINE THAT I’M GOING HOME TO COOK. IT’S FINAL!

So my humble kitchen and me present to you choy sum with prawns. 😀


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