Sepi Kembali


Iris is on the plane now, flying back to London and then taking a 3-hour ride the next day to her place. Started missing her a few days before today.

I was pretty cool and okay until last night when I shed a tear or two just before going to bed because it suddenly dawned upon me that she’s going to leave tomorrow. This morning I was still okay. Woke up at 6 something because we need to depart for the airport at 7:15am.

Gave her a sisterly hug before she entered the departure hall. When I saw her taking the escalator down to the immigration counter, the tears started streaming down. Not the loud boo-hoo kind, but the beautiful kind that you get to see on dramas. Just tears. Haha!

When she waved just after passing the immigration autogate and is out of sight, I turned around and warned Pappy and Mummy, “I’m dead. I feel like crying.”

Pointed my eyes filled with tears to Mummy and then she started crying!!! And she blamed me for crying because if I hadn’t, she said she wouldn’t! Pappy just laughed as usual whenever I cry when I part with Iris and gave me a squeeze on the neck.

I’m handling farewells better I guess. Way better as compared to the time I bid farewell to Iris when she first went to study in the UK. We were in the train leaving for Bath (it’s a city’s name), and Iris was standing at the platform, waving us goodbye. God, I wasn’t even looking at her because I just couldn’t bear looking at her. I was crying, this is the BOO-HOO kind. It wasn’t planned. It just strucks you and you cannot control it. Cannot stop immediately. I can still remember vividly the look the English lady sitting in front of me had. Shocked and curious and at the same time sympathetic of why this lady, me, is crying. That was perhaps the saddest train journey I ever had. I only had the greens along the way out of the window to soothe me.

This time the driving soothed me. I like driving far sometimes on a highway with less traffic. It’s nice you know? It feels like driving to Neverland.

The above picture. On the left, it’s Foo Foo. Most of you know her. On the right, it’s Tiggie P. All of you don’t know him. He is Iris’s latest addiction. They are both very lucky soft toys. Foo Foo has stayed in UK for a year before deciding that she wants to stay put in Malaysia for good. (Because I forced her to!). Tiggie P has the privilege of holidaying in Malaysia for about a month and he’s going back to UK to protect Iris and sees that she’s fine.

Iris brought back extra 15 kgs than permitted. Total luggage weight = 35kg. Was given 5 kgs grace but the excess baggage stood at 10 kgs. We had no choice but to pay for it. Know how much it costs? A whopping RM 1700 for 10 kgs of excess baggage to London. Surprised


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