bip bop

Today I did something which I thought I wouldn’t do but because it has been resurfacing in my mind every now and then, I just got to put it to an end. I’m taking a chance. It may not be the best time to do it but I figure there’s not going to be a best time. How do you define a best time for something uncertain anyway? The best time is when you feel like doing something and you just need to do it. It doesn’t necessarily need to show results just in case it doesn’t turn out fine but at least I’ve satisfied the part where my heart goes bip bop bip bop over the thought of actually committing myself to trying it out. Doesn’t kill anyone. Doesn’t harm myself. Just do it!

My face is koyak, pimples are recovering really slow. I need them cleared by next Saturday the latest. I need  a pretty white dress. (It’s so nice to have a theme colour dress for a friend’s wedding, you get yourself an excuse to get another dress. muahaha).

I Love you Grace!! LOVE YOU!!


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