My Crowning Glory

Say goodbye to helmet hair. (A friend of mine actually described my hair like I’m wearing a helmet on it. Thick and bushy.)

Say goodbye to flying hair. (It flies so high, it can be a hook.)

Say hi to straight and silky. A bit flat for now as always after rebonding. When it gets not too straight, it’ll be perfect.

Mummy didn’t like it though. I think she despises straight hair. I have no idea. She commented that my hair looks like shit. Hurt a bit but I’m getting immuned already. I sometimes get remark that sounds like that from her for certain things. She cares but she cares in a very hard kind of way sometimes. So..sometimes it’s painful to the ear but it comes with good intention. Always have to remind myself about that so that I don’t get put down easily.

Shit or not, my hair is more manageable now. I don’t have to painfully blow dry my hair after every wash with extra care and detail. It has come to a point where even when I blow dry my hair, it appears messy too. The hair looks different in the morning when I wash it last night and when I wash it during the day and it appears different again the next day. It is unpredictable and I have more bad hair days than good hair days lately.

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory so of course I got to make it look good. It reflects me as a whole and I feel very much better now. Head is lighter. Hair is neater.

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