Hari Ni Aku Ada Sedikit Dungu

I’ve got to get to work earlier now. The place where I’m working, where there are also many other people working in surrounding units, is now like swarmed with more people. Ada tak pagi-pagi pergi, parking dah kena park jauh-jauh. I don’t know why there is a sudden hike in cars in the car park. Don’t look down on parking space, they are the next important thing on Earth next to food. Don’t you realise getting a parking sometimes either makes or breaks your day?

Just like eating oats for breakfast, which has become a routine every working morning (Monday-Friday). The next routine I want to practise is to SMS/call Pappy a few times a week. I’ve never really call or SMS Pappy over the years because most of the time I’ll call Mummy to express how I feel and to tell her what’s happening to me. My conversation with Pappy over the phone or SMS is always very short and quick. We do it the way a man does it. Short and straight to the point. Haha.

But it’s fine really. I have kick-started the plan this week and so far I’m doing fine. I think it will make Pappy happy too. Well, at the end of the day, when you’re tired from your work, all you want is to feel a little love so I will give him that little kasih sayang.

I’ve used up so much brain cells today that I think I’ve become a bit stupid at the end of the working day. More brain cells will be killed tomorrow…and it is likely to continue until Christmas. I can’t wait for the year to end. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’ll be getting my holidays soon. And do you know what year 2009 means?


How can that be?

I was only 20 yesterday.

Mummy even reminded me that it was at the age of 27 that she gave birth to me. So, what am I supposed to do?

Go to bed and enjoy being 26 for now. Good nite!


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