Sleepless in KL

It is 4am and I’m not sleeping well. Been tossing and turning on the bed so I figured to get up, write something, then go back to sleep. Maybe that would help. And suddenly, I just thought if I had someone beside me, like a boyfriend, it’ll be good if I can share with him what’s bothering me and then he’ll tell me not to worry and everything will be alright. A midnight hug and then I can go back to sleep. At this hour of the night, I’m feeling rather empty.

I’ve got new responsibilities to shoulder and I’m not really comfortable about it. Reason being I don’t know if I’ll do a good job and I always feel the need to do a good job, which is why I’m sweating over it now. Maybe I can handle it pretty well but I just don’t have the confidence right now…and I’m trying to build some of it in me. The thought of doing something new like this can freak me out. I would drill into the slightest detail and fret at them. This is so not good. I want to be positive and ready to take on the challenge. Thinking on the good side, perhaps the only way to conquer fear is to face it.

I hope I’ll survive tomorrow. Really. And if I do, I think it’ll freak me out lesser and as time goes by, I’ll be immuned to it, I won’t be afraid anymore.

Gracie, you can do it.

Keep your chin up. Don’t take your troubles to bed with you – hang them on a chair with your trousers or drop them in a glass of water with your teeth.


  • silent_one says:

    Having new responsibilities by your side means both good & bad things. Good thing is that your boss trusts you to handle the job well. Bad thing is well, the pressure.

    But I’m pretty sure you can handle it very well, my friend. Keep it up & good luck…

  • Grace says:

    Thanks…I’ll just look at it as having more things to learn and indirectly training myself to become braver.

  • nathaniel says:

    a tough solid shoulder for you to rely on will solve most issue 😉

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